Reign – Romans 5:17-21 easy read Bible

One man sinned, and so death ruled all people because of that one man. But now some people accept GOD’s full grace and HIS great gift of being made right. Surely they will have true life and rule through the one man, JESUS CHRIST. So that one sin of Adam brought the punishment of death to all people. But in the same way, CHRIST did something so good that it makes all people right with GOD. And that brings them true life. One man disobeyed GOD and many became sinners. But in the same way, one man obeyed GOD and many will be made right. The law was brought in so that more people would sin the way Adam did. But where sin increased, there was even more of GOD’s grace. Sin once used death to rule us. But GOD gave us more of HIS grace so that grace could rule by making us right with HIM. And this brings us eternal life through JESUS CHRIST our LORD.

My brother and friend Pastor Joseph Prince is always reminding GOD’s people that we are meant to reign. And I too want you to know this. We are not created to be servants, slaves or prisoners. GOD created us to have dominion which is another definition to reign. We were not created to rule over each other but to reign over the birds of the air, the fish in the water, over every cattle and creeping thing all over this earth. There is only one entity that rule over us and HE is GOD The Most High, the Creator of heaven and earth, the Creator of the sun, moon, stars and orbits. The Creator of air, snow and rain. The Creator of everything that has been created and is eventually discovered by man. Man is not a creator; we don’t have an ability to take absolutely nothing and create it into something. When was the last time you were able to use anything that GOD had not already placed into existence to create anything that GOD has not already created? The only thing that we can do is duplicate what GOD has already caused to be in existence. We are miniature Xerox copiers; GOD is the original. And because GOD reigns; we reign because HE said so. GOD said that we are healed because JESUS CHRIST took every disease and sickness onto HIS very own body and if we can only see JESUS on the cross with those infirmities that try to overtake us; we will be able to walk in our healing. Everything that GOD has promised to us is a gift. When a person takes the time to purchase a gift for you; we don’t ask if the gift is real; we accept the gift and enjoy the gift. We don’t look to pay the buyer for the gift. Sin is not a gift; sin is a price that we pay for disobedience. Sin is fun only for a moment in time and then sin will take its mask off to show us the real price that we paid for our disobedience and ignorance. For those who confess that there is no GOD; why is it that when their backs are up against the wall they begin to call for JESUS? Or, why is it that the name of JESUS is used in a blasphemous manner; if JESUS does not exist? To some extent; we all know that JESUS is real and that HE reigns over mankind; unfortunately we don’t realize that when we don’t accept JESUS as being GOD who came in the flesh and that HE gave HIMSELF for us. We miss out on the experience to reign over what GOD has created us to reign over. Sin reigns over anyone that has not accepted CHRIST JESUS as Savior, LORD, Deliverer and so forth. Sickness and disease will reign also when we don’t know who we are in CHRIST JESUS. Without JESUS we are not a leader we are a follower. And we are being led straight into hell. We no longer have to be sons of Adam and sons of the devil. We can now be sons of Abraham and sons of The Most High GOD through CHRIST JESUS. So reign as GOD our FATHER has created us to reign. Walk according to your purpose in life. Don’t allow fear, sin and sickness to reign over you any longer. For you; if you have accepted CHRIST JESUS as your Savior; are born to reign.


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