A good leader will develop others

leaders develope

Good leaders will always encourage others and help cause that which is unknown to someone to rise to the top and come out. True leaders cause others to grow so that they too can reach their potential in the hopes that they too will help develop others to become empowered also.

True leaders are trustworthy, they will challenge us to become better. Sometimes when we are being developed it becomes uncomfortable and we do not like unconformability. We love the comfort and the familiar.

Matthew 19:16-22 Leaders counsel others and will be honest with them about what is required to either live or work well. Leaders will not breastfeed anyone but what we will do is demonstrate and inform in our mentoring. This young and rich ruler/lawyer after running to speak with JESUS first called JESUS good. This was an acknowledgment of truth yet, the ruler/lawyer did not exactly know what he was saying to JESUS because he did not recognize JESUS as being the ONE True GOD. How do we know or rather yet, how should we know this? JESUS answered the lawyer saying “why do you call ME good, why do you ask ME about what is good, why do you ask ME about the essential and perfect good?”JESUS continued in HIS answer that no one is good but the ONE True GOD. No one is essential and perfect but the ONE True GOD. And, yet, the lawyer still did not understand. When JESUS said to the lawyer to keep HIS Commandments what was HE informing him to do?

Here are some questions that we should use to take self-inventory.

  • Do we obey the rules set by JESUS so that we will bring pleasure to HIM or do we obey our own set of rules so that we can continue to bring pleasure to ourselves?
  • Do we obey the decree [forordaining will] and rule set by JESUS so that all will be well with us and our children?
  • Are we being careful to obey all that JESUS has requested of us by knowing HIS rules?
  • Are we obeying the rules?
  • Do we realize that everyday that we are breathing that we must obey the rules that JESUS has given to us?
  • Do we realize that we must obey the rules set by JESUS? Do we realize that those rules that HE has given to us will help us?
  • Do we realize that when we obey the rules set by JESUS that they help us to remain healthy and alive?
  • Do we realize that when we error, [an error is a mistake, not a lifestyle] most of us fall back into condemnation because we believe that in our disobedience [mistake not lifestyle] that GOD will punish us because we did not obey all the rules?
  • Do we know what is the essential rule that was given to us by JESUS that will tie up all the rules into one pretty and neat package?

My question to you is; do you know what the rules are? Most likely the answer is no if we are truthful with ourselves. Here they are for us to know, not through remembrance but through faith in CHRIST JESUS in our living.

  1. LOVE the LORD your Most Holy GOD
  2. Do all that HE has commanded of us
  3. Stay close to HIM
  4. The Ten Commandments/the ten rules of morality.
  5. Believe/Trust/have Faith in the name of the LORD CHRIST JESUS and HIS finished works on the cross
  6. Love people


The quickest understanding of the top three rules is the last two which will cause us to live by the fourth rule without our having to memorize them.

We need to be mindful of the zeal that we have to please CHRIST JESUS so that we do not offend not only our siblings in CHRIST JESUS but CHRIST JESUS HIMself. Sometimes our zeal can cause trouble and pain by pointing the finger at someone who is immature in CHRIST JESUS. Many people have walked away from attending worship service weekly or will not come into the place of worship because many believe that they have been recruited to be the fault-finding detective/inspector/police. Stay out of GOD’s way and allow HIM to teach and train up HIS own children.

Be a leader/mentor, in demonstrating to others that when it comes to our attention and we have in our possession the means to be a help to our siblings in CHRIST JESUS that we actually help. It burns my biscuits when I hear someone speaking to another about how someone is in need of help and they reply with a lousy “I will pray for them”. Do not get me wrong prayer is wonderful but the action is better. If we do not have the means to help then, of course, pray for the person who is in need. If we are not willing to relinquish our money or possessions to help others than those things have us not the other way round. Our true treasures are located in heaven not here on earth, nothing that we possess will be taken with us when we die. Are we following JESUS or are we following the Jones?

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