A Time For Everything (Eccl. 3:1-8)

Because GOD has declared that there is a time for everything; why is it necessary for us to stress about time? There is no reason under the heavens why we should stress about meeting deadlines; getting from one place to another; meeting our goals and so on.

The first thing we need to know and understand; is that GOD alone is in control of time; everyone has the same 24 hours within a complete day and there are 365 days in a year with the exception of leap year which adds 1 day to the calendar.

When you go to the FATHER at the beginning of your day worshiping HIM; thanking HIM and asking HIM for HIS guidance to fulfill the task of the day; you will begin to notice how your day aligns. When you ask for GOD’s wisdom and understanding of how to accomplish your goals for the day; you will begin to notice how your day aligns. When you make the proper preparations and execute your task instead of waiting until the last minute; you will begin to notice how your day aligns.

There is nothing we can accomplish under our own power except get stressed out. From getting stressed out; we become sick in our body an ache here a pain there. Do you know that even depression can come from stress? We are GOD’s creation not your father and mother. Most people have cars; when something goes wrong with the car they take it to a reputable mechanic or dealer. Why? Because they have gotten the training required from the manufacture to repair what has gone wrong with the car. Same thing with GOD; GOD is the manufacture so we must go back to GOD so that HE can repair what has gone wrong with us.

In Italy and Mexico it is mandatory that at certain times of the day; everything must shut down for siesta (a break). After siesta where work and the tasks of the day are not spoken of but they rest or commune with laughter or so on they come back refreshed. These two countries do not have the same stress problems as we do in America. Maybe we can learn from them. If every born-again CHRISTian would use their 15 minute breaks and lunch break to refresh themselves in the Word of GOD or worship and thank GOD. I guarantee that you will come to notice how the concerns of this world will no longer get next to you. Non-believers will take notice and you will be able to share the Peace of GOD that passes all understanding. Philippians 4:7

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