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Elder Shawn Briscoe is an encourager and inspiration in the Word of GOD throughout America by writing and or speaking about the following.

> The Blood of JESUS

>The Cross of JESUS

> The Death of JESUS

> The Resurrection of JESUS

> the Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy of CHRIST JESUS.

Dream: To reach billions of souls through the Gospel of Grace from The LORD JESUS The CHRIST.

Motive: To Encourage, Inform & Inspire.

Vision: Determined to trust in The LORD GOD by feeding on HIS faithfulness in JESUS CHRIST.

Elder Briscoe is a mother of two adult children, a mother-in-love and a grandmother of two as well. Educated in the District of Columbia school system and a graduate of Breakthrough Bible College where she received a BA degree in theology. Elder Briscoe has the compassion to visit those who are hospitalized or unable to attend church due to their health. Elder Briscoe also is a Chaplain at WHC-Medstar. Filled with encouragement she will listen to anyone who has a hunger for answers to live in this cold world. Because she understands that living without CHRIST in our human life is not living at all. Her favorite ministers are Pastor Joseph Prince, Pastor Creflo Dollar, Pastor Brian Houston, and Bishop Joel Peebles.