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Elder Shawn Briscoe is an encourager and inspiration in the Word of GOD throughout America by writing and or speaking about the following.

> The Blood of JESUS

>The Cross of JESUS

> The Death of JESUS

> The Resurrection of JESUS

> the Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy of CHRIST JESUS.

Dream: To reach billions of souls through the Gospel of Grace from The LORD JESUS The CHRIST.

Motive: To Encourage, Inform & Inspire.

Vision: Determined to trust in The LORD GOD by feeding on HIS faithfulness in JESUS CHRIST.

Elder Briscoe is a mother of two adult children, a mother in-law and a grandmother of two as well. Educated in the District of Columbia school system and a graduate of Breakthrough Bible College where she received a BA degree in theology. Elder Briscoe has a compassion and drive to visit those who are hospitalized or unable to attend church due to their health. Elder Briscoe also is a Chaplain at WHC-Medstar. Filled with encouragement she will listen to anyone who has a hunger for answers to live in this cold world. Because she understands that living without CHRIST in a human life is not living at all. Her favorite ministers are Pastor Joseph Prince, Pastor Brian Houston as well as Bishop Joel Peebles.