Abram aka Abraham

We all know the wonderful fact of Abraham. But do you know Abram?
In our pre-christian walk we think that we are not worthy to have GOD care about us. We have done too (tooo, toooo, tooooo) many things to be forgiven of, frankly we can’t bring ourselves to forgive ourselves. Well let me introduce you to a man that is found in the Hall of Faith, a Hero, the Father of Faith and the screw up that got it right.
Abram lived among his daddy’s [Terah is his name] home with all the other Terahetts, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, baker and the candle stick maker along with Sarai his wife.
After the death of Terah Abram heard the voice of GOD telling him to hit the road and to leave all of the relatives he knew, loved and argued with behind with the exception of his wife of course.
Now during this great move I would suppose Lot asked where in the world was Abram and Sarai going to? It’s for certain that Abram told Lot the truth “I don’t know” but you can’t go.
Lot true to form of his name which means [Pebble] he came along anyway. Who asked Lot to come along? We must be careful with pebbles; they can sometimes get into your shoe and cause you to limp. Pebbles can be used to gamble with as dice. Pebbles can also be used to throw and cause harm. Though we often times use pebbles as vase, pot or landscape decorations, with them is always a hint of danger.
Now Abram was a punk from the word go. He must have lived a sheltered life because when he got into another neighborhood [The hood] he hid behind his wife Sarai. Twice Abram lied to save his own skin before he came to the end of himself. Real men don’t hide behind their women, they protect them.
Abram finally got enough and GOD said now you’ll be known as Abraham. This man fought battles instead of running from them. He tithed. He had a wee bit more of himself left in him and fathered the nation of Ishmaelite’s the nation of flesh. Abraham and Sarah finally had their child of promise Isaac born 14 years after Ishmael.
More than likely there are some points that I did not mention, but I learned some years ago to always leave them wanting more. So go on over to the most famous book on the planet; open up Genesis chapter 11 and find out more. I promise you that you will see that being a screw up; is not the end of the world. If HE did it for Abram (exalted father) who later became Abraham (father of the faith and many nations) surely he will do it for you.

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