AMFBeM Announcement

Hello this is Elder Briscoe

I want to share with every follower and reader this video that a dear brother by the name of David Buckle shared with me that I truly appreciate. I am positive that he will not be offended with my sharing with you this link so that you too may copy the link and share it with others. After all this is what we do as CHRISTians, we either speak or write about JESUS to those who are lost in sin. We either invite or remind about the LOVE, joy, peace, grace, mercy and so on of CHRIST JESUS. We provide our own testimonies of what JESUS has done for us along with the Word of GOD. So, here it is the link that I sincerely hope is shared on all your social media sites, and your e-mails. GOD Bless you all!


Elder Shawn Briscoe


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