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July 14, 2020

The Holy Spirit leads-Lk. 4:1

If you have been reading the previous newsletters regarding the Holy Spirit, you will have seen written that the Holy Spirit is a leader. But, He not only leads us He lifts us up as well. Let me expound on that with recognitions to His attributes and though I have written some understand that this is not all. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the FATHER and of the SON, He is the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, He is the Spirit of counsel and strength, and He is also knowledge and of reverential obedience [fear] of the LORD. In this scripture, we read how it was the Holy Spirit who led JESUS into the wilderness to be tempted by satan/the devil. Now, because the Holy Spirit led JESUS into the wilderness where HE became extremely weak in HIS humanity because HE fasted from food and water for forty days and nights, why do we not believe that the Holy Spirit will not lead us into places we believe GOD would never take us? Take this global pandemic that is going on at this moment, this pandemic was not caused by GOD but by sin HE allowed the pandemic to occur, this pandemic is for those of the world not for HIS children. Not only that but have the children of the Most High GOD allowed ourselves to be taken into territories that will show us our weakness as well as our strength in CHRIST JESUS? This pandemic is an opportunity for those of us who have great faith in CHRIST JESUS to share HIM with others. The LORD GOD has given to us many opportunities, for instance during my life span there have been various venereal diseases [vd/std] which ran rampant on people all because they were engaging in abominable as well as multiple sexual activities with so many people. Then, vd/std graduated and became herpes that has no cure. Another wake-up call came in the form of HIV/Aids and people are still being more rebellious than before. People become frightened just for a short while then back to what they know. We have corruptible leadership in our country and crime sky-rockets daily. People are becoming more and more disrespectful towards one another children, against parents, parents against their own children, siblings against one another, and so on. Neighboring love nearly is non-existent, just remind yourself how selfish people became during their purchase of products that they felt was needed for themselves and their families only, not caring during this tough time of the needs of others. I have reminded my daughter and others that this is only a tiny glimpse of what will happen after the body of CHRIST has been raptured. The appearance of people believing in CHRIST JESUS seems to be diminishing but this is not true actually the church is growing with people being added constantly. 

However, back to being led by the Holy Spirit into areas that we do not believe GOD is grooming us. Never, think that because we find ourselves in places that we do not feel or see GOD that HE is not there. We are being led in the wilderness, this pandemic is our wilderness to grow more dependent on HIM and less dependent on ourselves. In the chosen wilderness where we are being led, we must read and study the Word of GOD more, we must pray more to the FATHER in the name of JESUS, conversate more with the FATHER and JESUS. Now conversations are speaking and then listening, not just speaking without listening to what the person that we are speaking with has to say. When that is done that is called a monologue. Do not be as the Israelites who wandered in the wilderness because of there rebellion and died there. Be like JESUS who in the wilderness relied on HIS FATHER when satan/the devil tempted HIM. JESUS had an answer that was the truth and HE spoke what the Holy Spirit had given to HIM to speak. We are not equipped to deal with satan/the devil on our own, we must have the Holy Spirit living within us to give us the needed power and wisdom to be the conquerors and victors that we are. Allow the Holy Spirit to lift you up and listen for His great sound, bless the glory of the LORD. Recognize the prompting of the Holy Spirit who leads and lifts us.

This was and is true of JESUS and this should be true for the body of CHRIST/the church/the bride of CHRIST/HIS disciples/us folks. Is. 61:1;[this is not written exactly as written in the Bible because I need you to see just how we the children of GOD through CHRIST JESUS are to see ourselves] The Spirit of the LORD lives within me because the LORD has anointed me to announce Good News to the poor/non-believers. HE has sent JESUS to heal the brokenhearted; to proclaim freedom to those imprisoned in sin[to share that there is no need to remain a slave/prisoner to sin and satan and that we can live guilt-free lives] JESUS wants to take non-believers out of the dark and place them into HIS marvelous light. We are to proclaim the favorable year[today] of the LORD as well as the day of retribution and vengeance of the FATHER [we will no longer be prey but we will live safely, and no one will make us afraid]. We will be given beauty in replacement for our ashes, a garment of praise in place of the spirit of heaviness [depression, oppression, anxiety, worry, fear/dread, constant sadness]. We will be trees of righteousness, strong and magnificent, distinguished for our integrity in JESUS having justice and right standing with the FATHER. It is through CHRIST JESUS that we have been planted that HE will be glorified.

Take notice of how satan/the devil will come to us, realize that it is up to us whether or not he will succeed in his temptation or a complete failure which he is. In Genesis, satan/serpent tempted Eve using her knowledge/lack thereof [because Eve said that GOD said something that HE did not say], he wants us to question what we know to be right from wrong; then he stroked her ego/pride of life, and lastly, he caused her to use her eyes [looking at anything for too long causing us to reason in our mind/lust after that which we should not have]. The devil/satan used the same script with JESUS trying to cause HIM in HIS weakened state to question who HE is; “if YOU are the SON of the Living GOD” the scriptures inform us just who JESUS is, Matt. 3:17; Lk. 9:35. So, after trying to get JESUS to doubt just who HE is the devil knowing that JESUS was hungry presented bread for HIM to look at which I am sure looked scrumptious and would most definitely have satisfied HIS hunger. When we win the first round in our state of being tempted by satan he will come at us using the Word of GOD but even if you are the type of person who paraphrases the scripture as I do often, know the full Word of Truth for yourself in your heart so that when a person quotes the scripture you will recognize whether or not what they are saying is accurate or not. Always realize that when people come at us with the scripture know the counterpart as JESUS did. The devil/satan quoted Ps. 91:11 but JESUS counter-attacked with Deut. 6:16. If we allow the devil/satan to tempt us with those things that we lust after or for the former luxuries of life that we once had but receive what we once knew without the reliance of JESUS to give them back to us and greater, we will have turned our back on JESUS and returned to worshipping satan/the devil again. At all times we are to only worship the FATHER who is the LORD GOD and serve HIM only, not ourselves, not others, not things, and not places. When we pass the test of being tempted because we trust, and rely on JESUS as JESUS trust and relied on the FATHER the devil/satan will leave us for a time.


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