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July 27, 2020



The Holy Spirit spoke through the mouth of King David-Acts 1:16

Dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS, get an understanding that the Holy Spirit will speak through whomever He desires to speak through. He will speak through an animal, [Num. 22:30] and He will speak through people, [various scriptures throughout the OT and NT]. He will speak through whomever He chooses to speak through to get someone’s attention to what needs to be heard from heaven.

Here we will focus on how the Holy Spirit spoke through the mouth of King David. Whatever the Holy Spirit speaks will be what the LORD GOD wants us to know or remind us of because everything that we need to know has already been recorded for us in HIS Word. There is nothing new under the sun and none of us are the first to think, hear, say, or do anything. It is vitally important that we have our very own personal relationship with CHRIST JESUS and baptized in HIS Holy Spirit so that we may live out the remainder of our earthly lives in the manner that HE desires for our being. Let us take a look at what the Holy Spirit said through the mouth of King David that is relevant to us today because everything that the Holy Spirit speaks is relevant, scriptures are still being fulfilled, and scriptures have been fulfilled.

King David said, “my close friend whom I have trusted, who I shared my meals with, has turned against me/betrayed me”.

In some cultures still today and maybe in some homes today when we share our meals it is a sign of true friendship. However, there are times that those that we thought that we had a covenant with [meeting of the minds/mutual agreement] will not honor the agreement or promise made for whatever the reason maybe. Back when I was a wee lass my next-door neighbor and I got along so splashingly well that we pricked our fingers and made a covenant with one another to be cousins. Now, first of all, back then you could mingle blood without worrying whether or not about the health of a person. Today, I would not advise that. And, as children, we did not understand that we had entered into a blood covenant with one another, yet, not only is this my longest living friend but we are in every sense of the word cousins and no one and nothing can break that covenant. Our covenant is much like mixing salt and sugar if any person can successfully pick out every grain of salt and separate those grains from every grain of sugar than that person is exceptional. 

There are moments between people that we have placed our trust in who will stab us in the back and smile in our faces. I used to tell my children “stop calling everyone that they played with their friends because those kids and neither had they tested their friendship”. When the time came for who was the one that passed the test it was only one or two of the many who are still with them. The others have scattered who knows where. Acquaintances will come and go but true friends will stick closer than a brother.

JESUS was not fooled about who Judas Iscariot was, HE knew from the very beginning that Judas Iscariot did not belong to HIS FATHER and never would be and that is the case with some people today. They do not belong to the FATHER nor will they ever be. However, JESUS allowed the son of satan to live, dine, and walk with HIM daily. HE showed Judas Iscariot up close just who HE is, JESUS showed Judas Iscariot that he was loved regardless of JESUS knowing that it would be he that would ultimately betray their friendship. 

Everyone will not and cannot be our friend, everyone, however, can be and should be loved by us be they acquaintances, strangers, or friends to us. Treat everyone the same as JESUS did. As JESUS did HE had HIS seventy [acquaintances], HIS twelve [followers], and HIS three [friends]. 

We need to find out from JESUS who are our acquaintances, who are the ones who just want to hang around us and their friendship is limited and who truly are our friends. Because the true friends will walk hand in hand, arm in arm through the fire with us rather than standing at the end of the openness cheering us on to come through the fire. Covenant friends will not be close enough or far away enough to see what is going on. They will be right in the center with us. If we would ask JESUS beforehand who among those that we keep company with are our friends rather than thinking through a belief that everyone that we socialize with is our friends. If we would just ask JESUS to give us friends and rely on HIM to bring those friends that we either need or desire to have into our most intimate circle we will find out that these are the people who will have our back or these are the ones who have our back and there are no hidden agendas, no hidden motives, no unseen fraudulent behavior that we must work overtime trying to figure out what or why they are doing anything that pertains to us.

In the end, Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of his friendship or rather lack thereof cost him his life. Instead of repenting/changing his mind and asking for forgiveness. He in his self-righteousness and judgment took his life. When all he had to do if he had not just heard but listened to the teachings of JESUS CHRIST first hand and saw the miracles that JESUS CHRIST had done. He would have known that in his disbelief that he would have been forgiven by the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS and could have rejoined the other eleven apostles as well as our being able to live with him once CHRIST JESUS raptures HIS bride and take us all who have been cleansed in HIS Blood into heaven with HIM. Those who have eyes to see will see.


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