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July 1, 2020

The Measure of Faith – Romans 12:3

Every human has a measure of faith. It is exercised during the most fragile times in our lives and that is the dependency we have on our parents when we were babies. Our cries which were our form of communication let our mothers know that we were hungry, soiled, ill, or just needed to be held. As we grow older/mature our faith begins to grow also, it grows towards evil/sin and nonsense/foolishness. The best type of faith to grow is in CHRIST JESUS. During the times as we rely on JESUS, we may ask for certain gifts to be used by HIM or HE may give to us gifts to utilize. Regardless of how JESUS informs the Holy Spirit to utilize us, we must never become prideful/egotistic/think of ourselves to be better than others/drunk or high from self. None of us is better than another in the eyes of GOD the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, or the Holy Spirit. We are all needed to function properly because those in the faith of CHRIST JESUS are all members of one body. Being prideful about the gifts in which was given is trusting in the gifts rather than trusting in GOD who gave the gifts. The gifts given to us are by HIS grace and has nothing to do with our humanity. When we have drunk the kool-aid of arrogance about ourselves it is beyond time for us to begin to measure ourselves by what GOD our FATHER does through CHRIST JESUS and not by what it is that we do for HIM. Humble ourselves before GOD and mankind, go nowhere with pride because pride will continue to speak to us about our own self-importance and self-promotion. Self can do nothing without GOD, there is no such thing as a self-made individual everyone must receive the help of others. Where is your faith, is it in you and your abilities or is it GOD the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS?

As we continue to mature in our measure of faith which means that the borders of our train as worn by a bride it should be daily extended/stretched outward. We will meet many siblings in the body of CHRIST who may not believe/have the measure of faith as we do. This does not mean that they are any less in the faith. We all mature at various levels just as we do in our natural humanity. When reading Gal. 2:9 this verse is located in the scripture “right hand of fellowship”. I have often wondered what this means? I have witnessed people joining a local assemble and they are given the right hand of fellowship. I have begun asking this question if a person is given the right hand of fellowship when they become members of a local assembly to worship are they given the left hand of fellowship when they decide to leave? I can never get an answer that makes any sense. That is until today, the right hand of fellowship simply means that there is an agreement of the parties. In this case when reading the scripture what it means is that the pillars of faith had nothing that they could impart to Paul yet, recognized that his faith in CHRIST JESUS was evident as theirs. The difference between them was this, the pillars wanted to continue in the law of Moses this is why it was good that they continued with being witnesses of JESUS to the Jewish community and that Paul witnessed JESUS to the non-Jews. The non-Jews aka Gentiles were never given the law of Moses to obey it before the crucifixion of JESUS. So Paul’s ministry was not only to share the Good News of CHRIST JESUS, but he also taught about living in the freedom and resting totally in JESUS. Freedom and resting are not found in the law of Moses. I hope that this clears up what the right hand of fellowship is meant to be, agreeing that all parties believe in the totality of CHRIST JESUS yet all parties may or may not live in the freedom and rest of JESUS. 

GOD’s grace is really on all mankind because of HIS mercy and love. However, the child of GOD through CHRIST JESUS has an unmeasured favor because we are the recipients of HIS richness and abundance. So you see the measure of faith is given to all mankind as a gift from CHRIST JESUS. What we do with that measurement of faith which is our gift is up to us.


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