AMFBeM Newsletter

August 25, 2020

Hope, Love, and the Holy Spirit-Rom. 5:5

Everyone needs hope. And what is hope but a desire with the expectation to receive that which is obtainable? Hope will always produce joy and pleasure. However, most people do not realize that hope is nothing like that for which people desire or wish for. In fact, they are nothing alike at all. When people have desires and there is nothing wrong with having desires or will place there trust in wishes for that which is unattainable or unrealistic expectations, they may experience anxiety and pain.

But having hope will never disappoint. We should have earnest expectations, that in nothing the child of the Most-High GOD will never again experience shame, we have nothing to be ashamed of, so instead of magnifying our past, we should be magnifying CHRIST JESUS in our bodies in both our living and dying.

My beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we have and we are receiving the LOVE of our FATHER through the pouring out within our hearts the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. HE has placed on everyone that belongs to HIM, HIS seal. We have been appointed and certified as belonging to HIM and nothing can change that. If we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit then He is living inside of our heart and He is a pledge, the security deposits our guarantee that we do have the fulfillment of eternal life with JESUS the CHRIST.


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