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October 1, 2020

There are three that bear witness-1 John 5:6-8

The witness testimony of JESUS The CHRIST is mind-blowing. JESUS came by water and blood, but let us take a look at what is meant here regarding JESUS coming by water.

Here is a back-drop, John the Baptizer and JESUS are cousins through their mothers. It is not recorded whether or not John and JESUS ever met and played with one another during their childhood years or for that matter visited one another [with the exception of JESUS and John still being in their mother’s wombs and John being filled with the Holy Spirit just by his mother hearing the voice of Mary’s greeting]. However, it is recorded that John being the firstborn of these two cousins was anointed with a ministry from GOD to be the for-runner of JESUS. GOD told John to go baptize and that the man who is baptized when a dove appears and remains that HE is the ONE who is the MESSIAH and it will mark the beginning of JESUS ministry. This baptism is the public revelation to Israel. John testified that the descent of the Holy Spirit from heaven in the form of a dove and sitting on HIM identified JESUS in HIS humanity for HIS ministry as The MESSIAH. John did not recognize JESUS in HIS humanity as the ONE who he has been looking out for and waiting, that HE is The MESSIAH. GOD, The FATHER gave John explicit orders of what to do in his ministry and who to look out for. The ONE who you will see the Holy Spirit descending from heaven sitting on and remaining is the ONE who will baptize with the Holy Spirit. Once John saw this he began to testify to what had taken place and he confessed that JESUS The MESSIAH/The CHRIST is the SON of the Living GOD.

Believers are daily to be washed in the water which is the Word of GOD. We cannot perform by works though they are nice and are needed to help others. But works will never make us righteous in the sight of GOD. What makes us righteous is GOD’s mercy because HE saved us through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit. GOD The FATHER did this so that HE could present the church, that would be us, to HIMself as a bride is presented glorious in all her splendor. We are to be without even one stain of sin or roughness due to being uneasy, this is what is meant by having wrinkles. Nothing is to be found wrong in us. We must be presented holy [pure, without fault].

JESUS also came by blood. We cannot have one without the other. We cannot separate the water from the blood because they are our requirements. The water is our sanctification and the blood is our justification. We are justified because it is our righteousness begun from sins. To no longer be at fault, no longer be a trespasser, no longer be guilty, no longer be a criminal, no longer the blame, no longer wrong, no longer have bad/evil motives, no longer ignorant, no longer weak of intellect in our mind of understanding, no longer miscarriages of indiscretion; this is enough I am certain you get the picture.

The Holy Spirit bears witness to us because He is Truth. JESUS asked the FATHER to give to us a Helper [aids and assist], someOne we are in desperate need of. The Holy Spirit comes alongside to help as our much-needed Advocate [defender and vindicates], Comforter [strengthens and supports the mind], Counselor [advisor], Intercessor [mediator with a view to reconciling], Standby [relied upon], Strengthener [increases our moral and physical strength]. He does not go and come as He once did with those GOD chose, now He comes and stays with those who are a believer in JESUS forever.

There are three that bear witness in heaven, understand that there is only One GOD; Deut. 6:4, Rom. 3:30, 1 Cor. 8:4, 6; which is the GODhead with three distinct persons:

  1. The FATHERcreates the plan: the source, sender, and planner of salvation. Source.
  2. JESUS The CHRISTbegotten from the FATHER implements the plan: HE is the sent ONE, the achiever of salvation. Means.
  3. The Holy Spiritadministers the plan: The applier of salvation to believers. Effector.

The Word/JESUS The CHRIST; Gen. 1:1, Jhn. 1:1-5, Rev. 19:13, 16. HE already existed because HE is GOD. This is HIS deity, HE was with GOD and HE is GOD. Mind-blowing huh? JESUS was in the presence of and in intimate relation with GOD The FATHER and JESUS The CHRIST, The Word is fully GOD. It is through HIM that all things were created and came into existence/came to be; Prov. 8:22-36. In JESUS there is life and power to give life and this life is the Light of mankind; Gen:1:3. HIS Light shines on in the darkness in the world which is immersed in sin and stands in opposition to GOD and HIS Biblical truth. This is why the world cannot absorb, appropriate, defeat, comprehend/understand, or overpower this great Light. Because this dark and sinful world is non-receptive of the Light who is the Word/JESUS The CHRIST.

The Holy Ghost is One with the FATHER and with JESUS; Gen. 1:26. The three that bear witness here on earth are:

  1. The Holy Spirit: is sent to us by the FATHER through JESUS to be our Helper. He testifies continually about JESUS and is a witness for us. He acknowledges GOD the FATHER in CHRIST by faith through His testimony. 
  2. The Water: is our Sanctification.
  3. The Blood: is our Justification.

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