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July 8, 2020


The Holy Spirit speaks from the mouth of King David-Mark 12:36


I adore King David for several reasons, the first being that the FATHER chose that the throne of David shall continue, 1 Ki. 2:33, 9:5; Ps. 132:11; Jer. 33:17; Is. 16:5; Lk. 1:32. The second is that although King David messed up badly as we also do as well, GOD never turned HIS back on him and whatever anointing the FATHER placed on his life remained.

The Holy Spirit spoke through King David and just as He spoke through him, He should be speaking through our mouths as well. And when He has something to say to anyone and uses humankind to get the message across to the hearer, He will not be speaking foolishness, and not only that but every human knows the voice of GOD when HE uses HIS Spirit to conversate with HIS creation. The Holy Spirit will only speak what He is told to say, He does not speak on His own accord. The Holy Spirit can only speak the truth. So, let us take a look at what King David said by the voice of the Holy Spirit that has remained to this present day and will never ever go away.

First, it is made very clear that King David is not the one speaking but is being used as the instrument of the Most-High GOD’s Holy Spirit. King David himself said by the use of the Holy Spirit, the word of the Holy Spirit was on his tongue, the Spirit of the Eternal spoke through him and can and will speak through us with His voice emerging through human lips. 

The LORD [FATHER] said to my Lord [JESUS, The CHRIST, The MESSIAH, The Anointed One, the Son of David/descendant, yet his Creator and KING] and hopefully yours also “sit at MY right hand”. The right hand is the place of authority and power. “Until I [The FATHER] make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet”. Here is a picture for you to close your eyes and see, what is a footstool used for? To support the feet while sitting, rest the feet, encourage blood flow up the legs towards the heart, and when we use people to rest and support our feet upon while sitting it is to place them under your entire subjection, and submission. Now, that you have that picture, look at what is to happen to the enemies of CHRIST JESUS, they will be [are] placed under HIS entire subjection and submission.

The blood washed while still living here on earth should be in a dress rehearsal for our move to our native land of heaven. We are to know that our enemies are to be in subjection and submission to us not the other way round.



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