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October 13, 2020

Anger: Put it away-Ephesians 4:31

Yippee! Here is my opportunity to share with you the fullness of anger if I had not successfully done so in the previous newsletters. We are going to explore four types of anger in depth. So, away we go.

  1. Anger: to choke, strangle, strain, a violent passion of the mind of the heart aroused by a real or unreal injury, accompanied with a propensity to take vengeance, arouse resentment, provoke
  2. Bitterness or Malice: extreme hatred, being an enemy, unfriendly, ill will, inclination to injure another, grudge, evil.
  3. Clamor: a great outcry, making noise, being loud
  4. Mad: disorder in intellect, distracted, furious, inflamed with violent and unreasonable passion, anxious, troubled, perplexed

When we are overcome by any one of the above descriptions we will do and we will say evil and hurtful things. Anger ignites the unruly instrument which cannot be humanly tamed, our tongue to have words spoken out of bitterness, curses as well as profanity.

We must avail ourselves to the teachings of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to eradicate from our heart anger, rage, malice, abusive, obscene, and filthy vulgar language out of our mouths because out of the heart does the mouth speak.

As believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are never to speak slanderously against our siblings in the faith of CHRIST JESUS first, then exercise this lesson with non-believers. We are not to promote ourselves to be self-righteous because when we do we will find ourselves fallen in the same manner in which we judge someone else harshly. 

We are to remind ourselves that we too were once foolish and for some of us we still are. And in being foolish we are proving the act of disobedience, deceived, enslaved to sinful desires and pleasures. We must stop wasting our precious lives being bitter, envious, and hateful. Stop holding grudges.

Come to the realization that anger is a killer of self before the possibility of acting out in actually taking the life from another. In the eyes of GOD, HE views one who harbors anger within their heart to be a murderer.

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