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October 20, 2020

Wisdom and Understanding-Deuteronomy 4:6

This is your wisdom and understanding

The LORD GOD has presented mankind with, on one hand, life and good; and on the other, death and evil in that HE has ordered us to love the LORD our GOD, to follow HIS ways, to live each day according to HIS regulations and rulings. In the book of Deuteronomy, there are fourteen recorded blessings and fifty-four recorded curses. Heaven and earth are witnesses to the fact that the LORD GOD has presented mankind with life and death, the blessing and the curse, therefore HE tells us to choose life! In order for us to miss out on receiving life, we have to be void of Wisdom and understanding. It is much like my giving to you one million dollars and tell you that there are no strings attached for you to either increase or deplete the money however you desire. Those that have wisdom and understanding be it earthly or Spirit will increase the wealth but those who are without wisdom and understanding will blow all of what has been given to them. We are to listen to the LORD GOD and pay HIM great attention to all that HE says to us and cling to HIM for that is our purpose in life. Many of us have often asked the question “what is my purpose”? Well, it is here in black and white, our purpose is to seek the LORD GOD at the beginning [when we awaken] and in our ending [when we retire for the day] and in the between as well. We not only supposed to speak with; not at or to but with GOD then actively listen to HIM. This is called a dialogue because when we speak and do not give time for HIM to speak back that is called a monologue. And, lastly, we are to cling to HIM.

In our lack of Wisdom and understanding throughout the generations, the warnings that have been given to us have been forgotten. They were not passed down from generation to generation through teachings and demonstrations that we should have been giving to our children. 

Where can wisdom be found and the place of understanding? Mankind has no clue as to the value of them both. Mankind will spend thousands and millions to obtain wisdom through knowledge and yet continue to miss both wisdom and understanding. Because Wisdom and understanding cannot be purchased, the earth cannot produce enough precious gems, metals, or oil to purchase Wisdom and understanding, Earth will never press enough money either. So, where exactly are Wisdom and understanding, because they seem to be hidden? The LORD GOD understands the way to Wisdom and understanding because they are with GOD alone. The LORD GOD saw Wisdom and declared to mankind; Behold/appreciate/comprehend/grasp/recognize/see/understand that reverential respect and worshipfulness of the LORD GOD Most-High is Wisdom and departing from all evil is understanding. 

Only GOD’s law is perfect, HIS instructions are reliable/sure making wise the simple-minded due to thoughtlessness. 

The pre-requisite of Wisdom is the reverential respect to the LORD Most-High, this has to be first and foremost in our living. Lol, by doing this we gain good common sense, for HIS praise endures forever. [I wrote lol because the saying among the people today is that “common sense, is not common”], can you see a much different truth in that? Only fools despise wisdom and discipline.

AMFBeM (™)  

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