May 26, 2020

I am writing about anxiety because I knew that spirit very well for forty years of my young life. Anxiety is likened to the Israelites who wandered around in the wilderness for forty years. Oh, my goodness because this is the first time in my twenty years of being and living free of that demonic spirit, I have just noticed that I too was wandering around in the wilderness for forty years. Well, if you have been wandering in the wilderness for forty, forty plus or less years JESUS and I want you to come out. I used to have that filthy spirit of anxiety/depression from my childhood and at the end of my final three years of being an adolescent seven-teen, and young adult life even after my life of salvation up until I was forty years in chronological age before I accepted and received GOD’s deliverance through CHRIST JESUS. It was then and it is now an awesome freeing experience that I continually relish in.

Josh 1:9, 6

The more I read Joshua the more I love his tenacity. Sometimes, I like to think of him as a man who may have had the same reservations and fears as the other Israelites. But what made him and Caleb stand out is that when they went out to spy out the promised land and saw all the things that could either be viewed as a blessing or a curse due to trespassing they viewed their blessings. Because the inhabitants of their promised land were in actuality the trespassers because the land was owned by the Israelites through the promise given to them by GOD. I believe that Joshua and Caleb spoke encouragement to one another through reminding each other of the spoken promises of GOD to the Israely tribe. And because they spoke GOD’s promises they remained encouraged and undefeated by the anxiety that presented itself within their minds trying to gain access into their hearts. They did not allow what they saw and they did not allow the unknown to control them but trusted in what GOD said. The lesson is to not combat negative thoughts with thinking but to speak to those negative thoughts. When speaking you cannot hear the voice or voices within the mind because the mind shuts up to listen to the words which are coming out of our mouths. But it is not enough for us to just speak the Word of GOD we must also put action to those words bringing them into existence for you and anyone else to see. Deut. 31:23 “Be strong and of good courage”. Why are we emulating the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz? He was strong but did not know it causing him to emulate being weak and because of that his courage was bad. [I personally love the character of the cowardly lion because he cracks me up]. But being as the cowardly lion of the Wizard of Oz is not a funny matter in reality. 

I want you to join me in walking through some scriptures and come to see that just as I was delivered from anxiety/depression that you too can be delivered if you truly want that. 

Ps. 94:19 Anxiety is not about just one apprehensive thought but rather multitudes of being uneasy and nervous regarding things anticipated or impending, in other words the unknown or unsure of something or someone. Anxiety is an evil demonic spirit of dis-order which keeps company with obsessiveness to compulsions, panic, and disorders all being predominant fear. Dis-order is a disturbance of order; disturbance of normal or regular functions in life; it lacks order; it is a breach of peace; and is abnormal to the mental and physical condition. Anxiety takes away peace and replaces it with disturbance of the mind and keeps people in the place of painful uneasiness. Anxiety springs from fear of what is not known. Anxiety perplexes the mind/spirit and shapes the conduct and most often is the cause of ailments/diseases/illnesses/sickness.

Ps. 139:23 Daily you and I must request from the FATHER to search our heart for anything and anyone that is nothing like HIS SON JESUS. We should give HIM permission to unlock doors to rooms of our heart which have dust and cobwebs; mold; darkness; dank and smelly. Give HIM permission to open up the windows, to bring in light for illumination, to wash and disinfect, to evict things and people, and to set an aromatic scent that is pleasing to HIS nostrils and will bring to us comfort. Stop calling things not given nor supported nor loved by GOD “my”. “My” is possessive and familiar. If anxiety and sickness is what the flesh and spirit has and you call it “my” and you believe that GOD wants you to have it; then why go to the doctor for a cure?

Prvb. 12:25 Anxiety is always located within the heart and it’s spouse is fearful and their children are depressed, obsessive and sick. [a] Prvb. 15:13 Sorrow of the heart is a broken spirit. [b] The antidote is to have/possess a merry heart which people can see in our countenance/face. [c] Another antidote to anxiety is to surround ourselves with people who speak encouragement, who predominantly speak good words which aids in our being filled with gladness. Beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS speak words for the season of the hearer especially to those who are listening to anxiety causing them to worry. Remind self of Prvb. 15:3 and Is. 50:4

Ecc. 11:10 We have been given the responsibility to remove anxiety/fear/sorrow from our heart. It is to be done with conviction/determination/discipline. Listen to clean/family friendly comedies, if you are a news watcher or reader of the newspaper watch no more than thirty minutes per day for what may have occurred within your local community, the weather, traffic conditions and upcoming events. It is the same with reading the newspaper; everything in that newspaper is not for our eyes. Remember to keep company with people who are encouraging and hopefully that you find causes you to laugh. 

Matt. 6:25, 27, 31, 34 Stop being anxious/worrying about your life. Ps. 55:22 “Throw” your anxiety/burdens/cares/fears/worries onto CHRIST JESUS. HE is the only One that sustains us and if we belong to the FATHER through HIS SON JESUS then most certainly we will never be removed away from HIS presence. Phil. 4:6 We are to communicate/pray/speak about everything being transparent to the FATHER and petition for what we want alway being thankful in advance for what we will be able to see and feel because the answer is always in the now and not in the future. Sometimes, it may take us a moment to actually receive what we are asking for but that does not mean that we have not been heard, that GOD ran out of resources or that GOD does not care about what we care about. Just trust in the answered prayer now and stop telling people who can do nothing about our situation. Tell and rely in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Ps. 5:7 The FATHER cares for humans especially HIS kids and HE wants to deal with those things that we care about but most often HE cannot because we neglect to sit down and chat about those things or believe that our cares are to miniscule to bother HIM with. First know that we are not bothersome and HE cares for us because HE loves us. 

Can any of us add eight-teen or twenty-two inches to our body? Then why worry about that which we have no control of? Ps. 79:9 GOD is our helper for the glory of HIS name, an atonement, a deliverer, and provider for HIS name sake. So, see it is HIS name JESUS that is on the line regarding us. HE will not allow us to go hungry, thirsty or naked. HE has placed in order those who will be a help to our daily needs but wicked people orchestrated by satan makes it difficult for people to obtain those resources that have been put into place for those in need. Those that are not in great need are in the mix of receiving from those whose purpose is to help those who actually are in lack. 

Each day is filled with its own measure of circumstances. Yesterday is history never to be repeated, today is present and we must live in the now and tomorrow may or may not come for you so why worry about a day that does not exist yet?

Jhn. 14:27 Peace is a person, Rom. 14:17. Peace is to be pursued, 2 Tim. 2:22. Peace is the King, Heb. 7:2. Peace is a trainer, Heb. 12:11. CHRIST JESUS has left to us HIS peace, Rom. 14:17, Heb. 7:2, 12:11. CHRIST JESUS has given to us hIS peace so we are to pursue HIM, 2 Tim. 2:22.

Phil. 4:7 GOD’s peace goes far beyond what we are able to understand. HE will stand guard over and in our heart and mind if we will only allow HIM to do so. It is done by our belief and trust in CHRIST JESUS.

2 Tim. 1:7 Beloved children of the Most HIgh GOD we have not been given that spirit of anxiety/fear/worry. Actually, GOD has given to us the spirit of love=power=peace [a quiet and calm] mind which is the totality of being sound.

1 Ptr. 5:7 So, I end this news article with a reminder, “Throw All” your anxieties/burdens/cares/depression/fears/oppression/worry onto CHRIST JESUS because HE actually cares about us.

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