Are you a Disciple of CHRIST JESUS?

It is very easy to recognize a true disciple of JESUS CHRIST. This is what a true disciple of JESUS The CHRIST looks like.

      I.  Believes HIS doctrine     

What is the Doctrine of JESUS The CHRIST?

 The person of JESUS

  1. HIS humanity
  2. HE had human parents though HE Is The Only Begotten SON of The FATHER our GOD Most High
  3.  HE grew and had needs as we do
  4. HE took on the appearance of humankind
  5. HE possessed a body/flesh, HE has a soul, and HE has a spirit that is filled in the Spirit
  6. HE was subjected to the same sinful infirmities of humanity as we are today, yet remained sinless
  7.  HE had a common human name

The Deity of JESUS The CHRIST

  1. Divine names are given to HIM
  2. Divine worship is attributed to HIM
  3. Divine qualities and properties are possessed by HIM
  4. Divine offices are laid on HIM 
  5. Divine attributes are possessed by HIM
  6. CHRIST/MESSIAH’s [JESUS] name is linked with that of The FATHER

The Self-Consciousness of JESUS manifested

  1. HIS baptism
  2. HIS being tempted
  3. HE called the twelve and the seventy disciples 
  4. The sermon on the mount; Matt. 5-7 [the longest sermon recorded]

The work of JESUS The CHRIST

  1. HIS death
  2. HIS resurrection
  3. HIS ascension 
  4. HIS exaltation

II. Rest on HIS sacrifice

What does the sacrifice of JESUS look like?

  • HE offered HIMself, HIS person, HIS humanity to GOD The FATHER
  • HE offered HIMself “without blemish or spot.” Sinless 
  • The sacrifice of JESUS was full, perfect, and accepted as HE, HIMself offered and presented HIS humanity to GOD-Almighty. 
  • The sacrifice of JESUS was Spiritually and humanly perfect as our offering

       III. Drink in HIS Spirit

How do we drink in the Holy Ghost/Spirit?

  1. Setting our hearts/minds on the things of the Spirit
  2. Directing our minds to the teachings of JESUS 
  3. Directing our mind to the teachings of the Apostles

      IV. Imitate JESUS

How to be imitators of JESUS?

  1. Pray for others
  2. Have compassion and love for others
  3. Feed the hungry 
  4. Invite people to JESUS 
  5. Share JESUS
  6. Give self to others 
  7. Die to your desires and allow CHRIST to live fully within you so that we may be of service to others

Let us be honest and do a self-examination of ourselves. Of the four characteristics listed above, how many are nonexistent in you? I will begin with myself; truth be told I do not imitate HIS example often enough.

Are you wondering did JESUS leave us examples to do in our everyday life? Here are just a few.

  1. HE spoke about the Kingdom of GOD
  2. HE delivered people from demonic possession 
  3. HE healed the sick 
  4. HE gave sight to the blind 
  5. HE opened deaf ears 
  6. HE ruined funerals by raising the dead 
  7. HE fed the hungry 
  8. HE set captives free 
  9. HE showed compassion for people 
  10. HE showed love to others 
  11. HE forgives 
  12. HE was/is the perfect sacrifice for humankind 
  13. HE humbled HIMself 
  14. HE allowed HIMself to be abused physically, emotionally, and mentally for humankind

And I can go on and on about the examples JESUS has given to us for our everyday use with ourselves and with others.

I hope that you are a fellow disciple with me and if you are not, you may become one this very instant. All you need to do is.

  • Believe in JESUS
  • Have Faith in JESUS
  • Turn your Reliance onto JESUS and off of you and others
  • Trust in JESUS

Romans 10:8-11 The Word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart (that is, the word of faith which we preach): that if you confess with your mouth the LORD JESUS and believe in your heart that GOD has raised HIM/JESUS from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes in righteousness, and with the mouth, confession is made to salvation. The Scripture says, “Whoever [that means you] believes on HIM/JESUS will not be put to shame, not found guilty, not disgraced, have no regret, have no remorse, not embarrassed, not dishonored, and not discredited.”

If you believed Romans 10:8-11 and took action this is great! Welcome to the family, if we never meet here on earth, I will see you in our eternal home-Heaven with the FATHER, JESUS, and Holy Ghost/Spirit.


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