Are you committed as you once were

Titus 1

In the opening of Titus I researched yet again to remind myself of the commitment that I have on my life; and how nothing and no one will take me off my course. Sometimes we need to re-evaluate ourselves to make sure that we are not going off course. We need to reassure ourselves that what we are doing for DADDY through CHRIST JESUS really is being done through HIM by following HIS will and not our own. Many CHRISTians love to quote Apostle Paul but never really finding out what his leadership is based on. Titus is a much overlooked leader and I think it’s because of his no nonsense approach to sin in the church. First let’s breakdown the short check list of Apostle Paul and see if we measure up.

  • Bondservant / servant – Apostle Paul considered himself to be a slave for GOD; or one who was in the service for CHRIST JESUS.
  • Elect  / choice ones – Apostle Paul never self elevated himself. GOD the FATHER chose him to become a leader and filled him with his assignment and destinations. If you are not called to be a leader; that of  the five fold ministry according to Ephesians 4:11; you  can still be an elect. Apostle Paul never wavered.
  • Godliness / piety – everything Apostle Paul did or said came from the FATHER GOD because he was conformed to do HIS will. Apostle Paul had great reverence towards GOD. It pleased him daily to know that he was fulfilling the obligations given to him by the LORD GOD.

We all have an eternal hope to enter into heaven and see the LORD GOD and touch CHRIST JESUS. Our hope in entering heaven is nothing like the hope that the world has; they all believe that they are going to heaven. But how can one enter into heaven without acknowledging CHRIST JESUS? The LORD GOD is not a liar; when HE speaks; if it does not exist it will. HIS words are creative; what was not becomes what is. If you don’t believe me just take a brief read of Genesis 1 and not only that but the LORD GOD is just too much. Our GOD has the ability to leave HIS throne; wrap HIMSELF in flesh; place HIMSELF in the womb of a woman. Submit HIMSELF to the care of earthly parents and yet speak to HIMSELF constantly and hearing HIS voice in return and at times others heard the voice of the FATHER also. Does not the scripture in Isaiah 6:1 give us a glimpse of GOD’s authority. HIS very train on HIS robe fills the temple. We serve such an awesome GOD who is also our Savior and HIS name is JESUS CHRIST. (Titus 2:13) Each and everything JESUS has promised is true and this has been so since the beginning of time. We are to preach GOD’s Word; proclaim what the LORD GOD has said without filtration. Make known the ways of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and not yourself. Go and make public what the LORD GOD has given to us through HIS Word. This is what we have been committed to do; this is our commandment from on high. Titus is called a true son; why? Because of his boldness in the LORD JESUS; the Holy Spirit gave him the strength and courage to accomplish what needed to be done within the body of CHRIST the church. Yes, he often dealt with church folk. Titus was a gentile like so many of us and the Jews did not want to accept him as one who the LORD GOD would accept. The Jews wanted him to jump through a bunch of religious rules and regulations to belong to the church. But, Apostle Paul taught them that all that ritual doctrine; ceremonial stuff was not a requirement of JESUS CHRIST. All JESUS wanted was his acceptance; all Titus had to do was believe and receive JESUS. Titus, I’m certain was not a well liked leader; he was not invited to speak in many churches as a guest preacher. He was not invited to attend the religious events. Why? Titus had to overcome some strong oppositions and battles to maintain the LORD GOD’s doctrine for the church. Religious leaders did not like this.  Imagine Titus correcting the leaders because they are watering down the gospel; instituting ceremonies to join a church or devaluing the gospel because you don’t believe that is what the LORD GOD meant; when in reality it does not fit your agenda. We are leaders who are to motivate the body of CHRIST, HIS church to live according to HIS will and not our own. Titus, proved to be just that a true motivator of the gospel; he was dependable and diligent in the ways of CHRIST JESUS. Like Titus; we should be known for our strength and courage given to us by the Holy Spirit. We must be diligent, filled with grace, loving, merciful and tactful to spread and preserve the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. We are to preach / teach in the face of  difficult intellectual opposition. The Holy Spirit will witness to us; He is the one who will give us the words to speak; He will give us the boldness that we need in the face of opposition. If we have more friends than opposers; that is a sure sign that we need to re-evaluate of motives in the gospel. According to the brief check list are we promoting ourselves; our church or CHRIST JESUS.


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