Are you prejudice?

I am. I’m willing to admit this. Are you? Not only am I prejudice; I’m an equal opportunity hypocrite. Let me help someone view themselves as I have had to view myself. If the person does not fit my mindset of how a person should look; I get agitated and I’m certain that if you are honest with yourself there are things about people that agitate you also. Now allow me to share with you who agitate me so that a light will be shined on this negative attitude; then and only then will it be possible for my Daddy to do an awesome work on me. I dislike viewing the following:

a) Boys and girls wearing their pants beneath their buttocks. I call them boys and girls because an adult man and an adult woman would know how to put their clothes on correctly.

b) Disrespectful people. Disrespectful people are not only disrespectful of others they are also disrespectful of themselves.

c)  Pessimist. I call these people the “Glum folks”; if anyone is as old /older or may have seen Gulliver’s Travels on those classic cartoon channels (if they air them that is) then you are familiar with Glum who always said. “We’ll never make it; it’s not going to work’ we can’t do that”. Then again you maybe the “can’t can’t people”. You are always thinking or saying with your body language or your tone of voice although you maybe saying the opposite and you are just determined to verbalize why someone can’t say or do a thing. Especially if you are sharing your dreams and passions. Or, you want to try something out of the ordinary for the person you are telling what you are excited about.

d) People who throw education out the door, window or any opening available.

e)   People who discredit a person for being themselves an original instead of being the carbon copy or Xeroxed copy of another.

f)   Judgmental and Legalistic people. (Being prejudice is being judgmental)

Well these are all the hang-ups I can see within myself for now and I’m tired. Now I hope many of you noticed that I did not include nationality, age or sex because I have this problem with every nationality, every age group and both males and females. Though these attributes in people agitate me; I would never be discouraged from witnessing to anyone beloved of the LORD. GOD the creator of everything in the earth and knowing that humans are the apple of HIS eye causes me to love those whom I don’t know just as much as those that I do love. I have witnessed too many people hurt by CHRISTians who claim to be loving and forgiving and yet will always remind a person of another’s past instead of encouraging them about their present and future in the LORD. I know longer want a mini ounce of Shawn’s character to remain; I know longer want Shawn’s integrity to remain. I want the fullness of CHRIST JESUS which includes HIS character and integrity. 

I have shared my short comings and I am not ashamed to expose myself as I did. If you will like to expose your short comings be it that you are a nonbeliever in JESUS and desire to be or you are a believer in JESUS but you have some challenges. Go to my web site and send me an e-mail or just make a comment on the site where you are reading this post.

Be Blessed,


Definition of prejudice: An unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought or reason.

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