Psalms 50:5, 84:11, 92:10, 14; 118:27; 119:56

Ah, Grace! How those of us who know that we have Grace want to be around Grace, even more, when Grace calls out to us. Can you hear Him calling out to you? Are you a worshipper of Grace and are you in Covenant/agreement with Grace? If not, you have no concept of who Grace is and how our relationship with Him benefits us.

In Psalms, we will find Sun as a description of the LORD GOD. But what does this mean actually? CHRIST JESUS is our Sun and as such, HE is to HIS disciples our animation and comfort; HE also is our source of light. So, each time we read that GOD or the LORD is our Sun we now know what the reference means. The LORD GOD is also our Shield which means that HE is our protective armor, our defense, our protector, and our guard. The LORD GOD is always doling out HIS grace through HIS kindness towards us and HIS glory, HE never takes anything back.  We need to get out of the mindset that HE withholds what HE knows that we need or those things that we would like to have. If we have not received from HIM, it is because of us, it is because of our motives, or because we did not ask of HIM.

Our reliance and relationship with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS keep us strong and full of grace. We are anointed with fresh oil. We are not anointed once or sometimes because oil becomes stale therefore, we are anointed with fresh oil daily and not just any old oil, but with HIS finest oil. Unlike how we age naturally as we are growing older and may experience some aches and pains. We grow in grace continually bringing forward fruit because we are full of sap/juice because we are engrafted into the Vine which causes us to be spiritually full of vigor and vitality, healthy and fresh, plush, and green with contentment, love, and trust in CHRIST JESUS.

CHRIST JESUS is our LORD, and HE is GOD, and HE has been exceedingly kind to us but not just us, HE has been truly kind to those who do not believe in HIM, to those who reject HIM, to those who mock HIM, (the rebellious).

It is in our carnal nature that we take people and things for granted. And we have brought that carnality over in our spiritual life in CHRIST JESUS. We truly do not get the totality of just what a precious gift Grace is to us. Grace keeps rewarding us even when we should not have them. Here is the proof how many of us have kept all the authoritative rule of action which was provided in the Ten Commandments? The Ten Commandments are our moral compass, and I am saddened to write that even those of us who are true believers in CHRIST JESUS do not follow our moral compass. We do not have to memorize them because they were not given to us to memorize mentally. They are in our hearts from birth, but it takes a person or people to cultivate us into action. For example: In order for me and my siblings to know how to respect our parents, grandparents, and great-grandmother, we had to be taught/trained. So, where do we find this in the Ten Commandments? Honor your father and mother. that your days may belong on the land which the LORD GOD has given to us. If only parents, grandparents, neighbors (community), or guardians would teach these moral conducts to children from birth by bringing these precepts forward that is already written in our hearts, maybe, just maybe we would not see such disrespect hurled towards others because there is no respect for self. We are to follow the orders given to us by GOD with no ifs, and, or buts about it. By grace, we are to hear the Word, receive the Word, love the Word, and obey the Word.


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