How do we know for sure if we are in a backslidden state? Have you fallen off your relationship with CHRIST JESUS to live as our flesh dictates by returning to what it knows? Have you abandoned the principles of your faith in CHRIST JESUS? Do you find yourself gradually turning from attending your local assembly to be around the other saints for something that you deem takes priority; of studying the Word of GOD; praying and being thankful and worshipful to CHRIST JESUS? Are you actively and willfully sinning and unknowingly worshipping through idolatry because anyone or anything that is put before CHRIST JESUS is idolatry?

If we can answer yes to any one of the above questions, we are welcome to come back to CHRIST JESUS our LORD and Savior. We are encouraged to stop being rebellious. CHRIST JESUS already forgave us on that cross for our unfaithfulness. We did not surprise HIM we surprise ourselves to find ourselves back into that thing or with people that we are familiar with who have nothing in common with the true light of the Almighty GOD. Come back, CHRIST JESUS is the LORD our GOD. HE has never left us we are the ones who leave HIM. When we gradually leave JESUS, HE is patiently waiting for our return and HE will not chastise us but heal the wounds we received from the darkness of this world. We are not outcast we belong to CHRIST JESUS and slowly we feel uncomfortable being around people that we know we should not be around and slowly we ignore those alarms being set off inwardly. We can’t shake thinking of CHRIST JESUS even though we have returned to what our flesh love. The world does not care for us as we care for them because we have the same love for people as CHRIST has for people. CHRIST JESUS is a healer of our city the place and homes of HIS beloved children and HE is also a restorer. Not the city of the world. CHRIST JESUS will heal HIS people not the people who are of the world. CHRIST JESUS gives HIS people peace and security. Not the people of the world. Return to the LORD because the world tears to pieces its inhabitants but JESUS is a healer and HE will bandage our wounds. CHRIST JESUS has said to us that HE will cure us of our unfaithfulness and we need to believe and rest in HIM for this. CHRIST JESUS loves us freely HE is not angry with us as so many people will like for us to believe.    

Jeremiah 3:22, 30:17, 33:6; Hos. 6:1, 14:4


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