The barrenness that I can relate to because I have had the displeasure to witness this epidemic among our young people is the barrenness of the mind. Our greatest weapon of destruction towards all the ignorance and evil in this world is our ability to learn. I am hard wired to sit and speak with those who are older than I. As a child I turned my attention to those who where in my young vision old; the 30+ people. I learned so much by listening to their experiences in life. How I was encouraged to attend school and get an education. I have to admit that kind of conversation about education did bore me. However, when I listened to them reminisce about the music they listened to or the prices they paid for attending a movie. This was exciting to me. My great, great, great grandmother used to share stories with me that opened my mind to an ever increasing search and thirst for knowledge about biography, documentaries and history. Today I am still in love with these topics. I take my love for education regarding biography, documentaries and history and learn the Word of GOD. The greatest person I care to know anything about is my Creator and my Savior.

Our mind is the barren land that must have knowledge planted into the soil to produce intelligence. We must read; highlight words that we don’t understand; look the word up in the dictionary and then begin to utilize the usage of the words we learn in our vocabulary. In Galatians we can read “Be not deceived; GOD is not mocked; whatever man sows that is what he shall reap”. We say “what goes around comes around”. GOD is letting us know that HE is aware of what is being done and said. HE knows the heart of man. It is because of this knowledge that GOD is not able to be mocked or surprised by what we do, say or think. We too must realize that we must stay ahead with knowledge that produces a mouthwatering harvest.

 Scripture reference & definition:

Judges 13:3

2 Kings 2:19

Psalm 107:34

Proverbs 30:16

2 Peter 1:8

Not producing or incapable of producing offspring; sterile; unproductive; unfruitful; without capacity to interest or attract; mentally dull; stupid; destitute.

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