Be bold in the LORD GOD

1 Thessalonians 2

Brothers and sisters in the LORD CHRIST JESUS; don’t allow anyone including yourself; to believe or to think that your coming and going in the LORD JESUS is in vain. Yes, there is a governmental call from the LORD GOD Most High; however we are all called to minister the Word of the Most High GOD to all who are willing to hear the Good News. The LORD GOD has not given to any of HIS children a spirit of fear; we are to speak the Word of GOD with boldness and conviction. The Good News is not to be exhorted in error with an unclean spirit or with deceitful motives. All of the LORD GOD’s children have been approved and entrusted with the gospel. So my righteous sibs in CHRIST JESUS…speak! Don’t concern yourselves with thoughts of pleasing people; your first responsibility is to please the LORD GOD. Believe me when I write to you that HE will test your hearts; test not tempt. The LORD GOD does not tempt man with anything or anyone; however, HE will test your hearts. Not for HIS benefit but for ours; we need to see just where we are in our trust of HIM. Preach the gospel of the LORD GOD in your home; school; place of employment; where you shop; in the car and on public transportation. Do you need to holler, hoop, scream, shout or yell? Nope, because that’s not what preaching the Good News is all about. So what does it mean to preach? Simply put; to make known. In actuality we preach daily; it just may not be the Good News of CHRIST JESUS that we are preaching. In doing this; we don’t need to sound as if we are having respiratory difficulties; do we? We need to exhort / urge and comfort the lost that we have the answer to the hope that they are in need of. You would be surprised at how many don’t realize that they are in need of a Savior or that the LORD JESUS is our one and only way of salvation. Our heavenly FATHER and our LORD JESUS has given the charge to all who believe in the LORD JESUS as a loving father does his own children to walk worthy of our LORD GOD who calls us into HIS own kingdom and glory. Thank the LORD GOD often because you have received the Word of the LORD GOD that you yourself heard from another. You came to that place where you had to welcome the Word not as if it came from the heart, mind and spirit of man. You accepted and believed that the Word that you heard is truth and that that Word is of the LORD GOD, HIMSELF. HIS Word works effectively in you if you truly believe in every area that the Word is truth and is able to deliver you from whatever we stand in need deliverance of; will heal us from all sickness, disease and infirmity; will cause us to be strong and able to do the impossible and so much more. We must look in the mirror and recognize the change that is taking place on the inside of us that will show up on the outside of us; we must recognize who we are in CHRIST JESUS; we must be imitators of our LORD GOD and our LORD JESUS. We are living to please our GOD who is our DADDY who is our hope, our joy and our crown of rejoicing. We may not know just how many lives we will affect; however, a record is kept and it will be wonderful to see all the lives that will join the LORD JESUS when HE comes to claim HIS own. JESUS will tell us all who made it to heaven because we took the time to share the Good News with them.

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