Be Encouraged

I desire to remind you to be encouraged even when it seems as though nothing is working out on your behalf. Because you are the children of the Most-High GOD and HE is your Provider. HE sees all that you are going through, HE sees all the things that you require. HE hears you when you open your mouth and speak with HIM not to HIM but with HIM.

I am a huge believer that when we are looking for answers. When we lack understanding. When we need help. We must run to the Word of GOD and look for what we require and stand firm in HIS promises because GOD did for someone before which means that HE will also do that for you as well.

Our FATHER does not favor one over another as we do here on earth. Remember that HIS mercies for you are brand new every morning. HIS grace is sufficient for you all day every day. 

Remember this for yourself: Now your faith is the substance, the existing by itself, that which exists, essential, main or material part, real, and solid of the things that you are hoping for. Those things which you desire, those things that you need, and those things that you want. Before you get them we must acknowledge the evidence, the proof, and be convinced that what we do not have presently because our five senses are not in agreement nor are the five senses of those around us. We are to believe and speak to ourselves about our already having that which we have asked the FATHER for and that we know will be given to us through CHRIST JESUS.

However, having faith alone is not enough. Faith is nothing without your action. What am I trying to get you to understand? Most people who ask GOD for anything and do not receive them are for these reasons only. 

  • Your heart motives were wrong
  • You asked for something that you knew was against the will of GOD
  • You did not believe, trust, rely on the fact that the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS was going to give it to you
  • You keep talking yourself out of your request because you did not receive what you asked for in the time frame that you wanted

And lastly, you are not doing anything to promote getting what you are asking for. For instance, you want a new home, you know exactly what type. Are you saving for the type of home you want? Are you going in the desired neighborhoods and only looking at the homes that are for sale or rent that meet those requirements, are you speaking with the realtors and leasing office? You want a new car, have you saved for that vehicle? Are you going to the dealers and test driving the make, model, and year of car that you desire? Are you speaking with the salespeople? You want employment, a promotion, or a transfer. Are you equipped/knowledgeable? Have you applied? Do you have excellent references from previous and present employers?

This is called putting in the work because faith without works is dead. Faith by itself does not produce activity. Faith has to be accompanied by actions. Faith by itself without actions does nothing because it is or has been left alone. Faith and works are a team, they are life partners. They are like water and wet you cannot have one without the other.

Hopefully, you have been or will be encouraged by what has been shared with you and you better understand the scriptures of Hebrews 11:1 and James 2:17.


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