We all operate with expectation and hope where we believe what has been done, said, or seen. However, what we see is not a part of the operation of believing because what is seen is a tangible fact. However, when we believe that which is spoken without the sense of seeing that takes faith. Our believing is all about faith. We believe and hold on to the knowledge that our beloved parents are who we are born from so why not believe in CHRIST JESUS the very same way? To believe we must operate in the expectation of hope. To trust, place our full confidence in or on something or someone in rest. Having our heart and mind in total agreement.

Everyone who chooses not to believe in CHRIST JESUS will be judged and rebuked/punished after they die because they did not believe in HIS being the risen CHRIST.

Those of us who chose to believe in HIS name and received HIM we have been given the authority to become the children of the Most High GOD.

We have spoken with our mouth that JESUS is the LORD only because we have believed this in our heart that GOD the FATHER has raised CHRIST JESUS from the dead and this is the cause of our being born in HIM, this is why we can boldly say without reservation that we are saved in HIM.

It is imperative that we believe with all not some of it but all our heart that CHRIST JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD. Know this dear heart that it’s only possible for us to speak by the Spirit of GOD in the acknowledgment of who CHRIST JESUS is and it is impossible for us to curse the CHRIST. Those that blaspheme JESUS the CHRIST/GOD is a blasphemer speaking the name with impious irreverence, speaking reproachfully of GOD or HIS Holy Spirit and being arrogant about who GOD chooses to work through, and what HE is doing because of our lack of understanding. What and who GOD chooses to do and use is HIS prerogative. But know this those of you who are ignorant to being in a relationship with the Living GOD because of CHRIST JESUS, our GOD is a never changing GOD what HE has done and accomplished in the past, HE is doing today and in all the tomorrows to come. Those who have the Holy Spirit residing within them easily will confess that JESUS is the LORD. Every tongue should confess but every tongue sadly will not do so, CHRIST JESUS is the LORD and HE is to the glory of GOD the FATHER. When JESUS the CHRIST died it was done so that HE will become LORD of both the living and the dead. What does this mean? It has nothing to do with those who are dead as we know it. What it has to do with is that those who are truly alive in CHRIST JESUS, HE is our Ruler. And for those who are living zombies without CHRIST JESUS, it is the hope that you will believe in HIM so that you will become a part of us who are living in HIM.

We all begin our life from the womb with a measure of faith. Both naturally and spiritually, it is our spiritual faith that does not get to grow and mature in the homes where CHRIST JESUS does not reside. If the parents are not teaching the forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy of JESUS we will not believe from childhood. Our natural faith is always active because it is by faith that babies will drink and eat anything, it is by faith that children will go with and speak to anyone, and it is by faith that so many people are gullible because there is no fear of danger and no barriers. None of us should operate in the spirit of fear however, we should be gullible in our belief only to all things CHRIST. Our faith in JESUS makes it possible for us to please GOD the FATHER. We can only come to the FATHER when we have true faith in HIS SON, JESUS. CHRIST JESUS rewards us all when we apply HIS Word to our life. We should never neglect or become careless in our relationship with HIM. Never be ashamed to use the name of JESUS when speaking about HIM through our testimony or in general conversation. We must be sure that when others are speaking with us and they keep saying god ask what their god’s name is. We need to be sure that they are speaking about JESUS. Many people believe in GOD and that’s terrific but even satan and his demons believe in GOD the Creator but deny GOD the SON. The devil and his demons will tremble when we mention GOD but they will only run when we invoke the name of JESUS in faith and by our faith.

We must have the same assurance and belief in GOD the FATHER as Abraham had which is explained by our transaction for our righteousness, after all, believers are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promises. Our motives are wrapped up in our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS because of our belief in HIM. Within our heart is what we believe for unrighteousness which is what is heard when we speak or for righteousness which is also heard when we speak. Because whatever is in our heart it will come out of our mouth. Can people hear the salvation we possess from our mouth even though we are not speaking scriptures each and every time we communicate with others? When I’m among people and I’m just trying to blend in and just be me, I’m very often revealed by others. They will ask me if I’m a preacher not because I’m speaking in scriptures, being legalistic, or judgmental but because they can see the light of CHRIST shining through me and can hear HIM speaking encouragement, forgiveness, grace, love or mercy. Most times I don’t know what it is that I’m saying to others but what I do know that I don’t speak to others in the same manner that most do. Just because most people agree with what is said or going on does not make it right. And if you come to me and ask me what I think you will only get the truth from me. I can’t tell you how many people that I no longer socialize with have come to me many years later informing me of what I’ve said to them and how it encouraged them. Believe in the LORD JESUS and recognize that HE values and consider that we are important and dear to HIM. Because we believe in CHRIST JESUS we will become and are friends of GOD. Those of us who have an active belief in CHRIST JESUS has been persuaded that JESUS is able to keep whatever we have given over to HIM, this is why we are not ashamed to reveal to others who CHRIST JESUS is to us and why we believe in HIM.      

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