Have you ever met anyone that you would consider arrogant? Are you yourself arrogant? Of course you may not answer yes to the last question because 90% of those who are arrogant don’t realize that they are. Maybe you’ve heard the words pride; full of oneself; superior. If you have and these words were directed towards you; you were being called arrogant.

Arrogance is a very dangerous position to put on oneself and GOD hates it greatly. Let me share a story with you. There once was an angel; a beautiful angel whose position was to praise and when he would move music would flow from him. I mean that all he had to do was breath and praise in music would flow from him. He was considered to be the most beautiful of angels. Not only was he the angel of praise he carried with him great authority; this position was designed for only three angels and he was one of them. As time passed he began to take notice of himself; he looked so intently at himself that he lost sight of who he was; what he was created for; when he would do what he was created to, that the population would praise and give glory to the one it’s meant for; where he wanted to be was not for him. So he began to purpose in his heart a plot to overtake and overthrow the environment which was not set up for him to rule. He began to speak into the ears of others until he won their hearts and they sided with him for this great treason.

However, there is something that this angel did not consider. Whom he wants to overthrow is all knowing; there is nothing that he does not hear or see. He does not need for someone to tell him that treason is being planned. Eventually, the day came when enough was enough. The day of reckoning had come for this stupid angel and his followers. He was stripped of his ability to create music of praise yet he creates music of chaos. He was stripped of his beauty and all that he stands for even his very name has caused him to be the very most grotesque creature there is. He was stripped of his original authority and now has the authority given to him by others. His plan unfortunately has never changed. He’s blinded by his arrogance and he has recruited many to his army. Providing empty promises that will never be fulfilled; he kills to get what he wants. He steals to get what he desires and he is a destroyer. He knows the Word of GOD better than humans so he twists the words around, put words where there are none or takes out what should be there to confuse those who are familiar with GOD’s Word. He lies each time he speaks and because he can’t be everywhere at all times he has agents that do his bidding and report back to him. Another incident came about when an awesome man had enough of his pleasure with people. He went to his home and beat him up bad and took back what he had stolen from the people. This guy hurt him real bad to the point that the angel does not have the power to do anything except mess with those who are unfamiliar with the guy that beat him up or his previous history before that. He messes with people’s minds. Those that have made their escape from him, he sends his agents after them and tell his agents to get them back at all cost.

But those who stand and do not fall will prevail against him. The end.

For those of you who do not realize; I just told you the story of the Archangel Lucifer who became satan and how he was evicted from heaven with his followers. That JESUS went into hell and took back the keys of death and hell. The moral of the story is this; if you are arrogant you need to check yourself. GOD hates pride; if HE evicted the angels because of arrogance what chance do you have?

 Scripture and definition

Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

Proverbs 8:13

Isaiah 13:11; 14:12-15

Zephaniah 2:10

James 4:16



Arguments are such a great waste of time in the lives of people. If we understood why we sometime argue we would not give attention to arguing. Arguments come from misunderstandings. When one has not heard what the other has said completely; when one does not have the full knowledge of any particular subject; when one provokes another to anger with information that is inaccurate and so on. The best antidote to an argument is to walk away; not give attention to strife in any form. When someone speaks with you directly to provide you with instruction; it’s good to confirm what that person has said as to not be thinking one thing when the person means something all together different. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When someone speaks to you about a subject and you know that the information that is being relayed to you is inaccurate; wait until that person has completed speaking then try to explain what you know the subject matter to be. If the person disagrees; that’s perfectly fine. That person has the right to disagree with you as well as you having the right to disagree with that person. However, instead of getting into a heated conversation agree to disagree but if the other individual wants to continue; you must be the mature individual and walk away. Your ears are not garbage dumpsters; stop allowing people to place negative conversation into your hearing about another person or what another person may or may not have said. Honestly it’s none of your business what another person has said about you. What is your business is what you say about others and as long as you never have a negative word to say in the hearing of others than you have nothing to worry about. Because if people will run and tell you what another has said about you; you must know that they will run and tell what you have said. Prevent an argument and speak to a person that has hurt you or has caused emotional discomfort to you in anyway. Be the more mature individual. When you have done what you can to live peacefully with others there is no more you can do. GOD has taken notice of your attempt to bring glory to HIM by your conduct. Another cause for argument is when a person thinks more highly of him/herself than he/she should. In other words it’s a grievance when in a family or group structure of any type that a person believes that he/she is the favorite. This brings about bad emotional feelings within a setting. Love is replaced with bitterness towards an individual; you don’t want to be in the same area as that person. I’ve known special family events to occur when a family member declined because another family member was attending that same event. It caused pain to the host/hostess because of this argument that is going on about who is greater in the eyes of whomever. When your emotions are inflamed to the point that you are ready to argue; it’s because you’ve not spent time thinking on things that are lovely; things that will exalt GOD in your mind. Being right or wrong is not the issue and to be honest; who besides you really care? You have to learn to cast down anything that does not bring GOD glory to your mind and heart. Because if you do not give glory to GOD in your mind it will not elevate to your heart and all that is within your heart will be known by your speech. So allow your speech to exemplify GOD’s glory.

 Scripture and definition

Luke 9:46-50

2Corinthians 10:3-6

1Timothy 6:3-4

Oral disagreement; verbal opposition; contention; altercation; persuasive discourse; lack evidence or proof.


We’ve all experienced some form of being nervous. However, there are those who are plagued with emotional and mental stress which causes anxiety attacks. There are cases when anxiety maybe mild and other cases anxiety maybe severe to the point of destroying families. Did you know that anxiety is linked with fear? Fear at no time is a good thing. This is why GOD has instructed us to not be anxious about anything. The causes for anxiety are numerous; from generational curses to watching a horror flick. All that is from end to end and inbetween can be a reason as to why you have become anxious in life. We like that over the top adrenaline rush but what happens when the adrenaline rush has overtaken you to the point that you are afraid of everyone and everything? The mental institutions are filled with those who suffer from anxiety and the makers of prescription medications are making big money from those who suffer from anxiety. However, there is a way to reverse the curse. GOD does not want you spinning your wheels, anxiety places you out of control and that’s not HIS desire for our lives. So stop biting your lip, your nails, stop pulling your hair, stop looking for doom and listening to all sorts of normal active sounds of life thinking that someone or something is after you.

 Scripture reference and definition

Proverbs 12:25

Luke 12:1-31

Philippians 4:6-7

Full of mental distress; eager; concerned, disturbed, apprehensive, fearful, uneasy.


I used to think that anger was an emotion one felt when someone caused them to be the very opposite of happy. Wrong and correct. There are two types of anger that I became acquainted with and was I ever surprised, especially since I was the subject of choice.

Let’s do the easy anger; there are times when something or someone will cause you to experience an emotion of anger. It’s a temporary feeling of displeasure, the matter is addressed and you get over it. Caution, do this quickly!

 The difficult anger is the anger that most people in this world are walking around filled with. It’s called the spirit of anger. Yes it’s possible to laugh and joke; yes it’s possible to enjoy yourself; yes it’s possible to seem like you are mild-mannered and cool.

I know this from experience. For 40 years I housed anger within me. I did not go around yelling at people just because; I did not walk around with an angry look upon my face. For the most part whenever you saw me I was known for smiling; I was known for being a very light-hearted and sweet person. With the exception towards those that I thought did not meet the rules that I thought were in existence for my generation or if you were older than my generation and came across as foolish to me. Then I was perceived as mean. The ratio of those that thought well of me versus those that did not was 95% versus 5%.

The anger that was inside of me was well hidden until-

As a career customer service professional I know tremendous; good; acceptable and bad customer service via the phone or in person. I’m sensitive to that. When I received acceptable or bad customer service it was not a pretty sight for the customer service agent who was assisting me. I was not there to review the performance of those employee’s; yet I took it upon myself to chastise the one who had to assist me. Now I’m not saying that we should accept bad service because we do pay their salaries, however the appropriate manner to handle the situation would have been to find the Manager; show the receipt because there is an ID number of who assisted you or a name. Inform the manager of the problem and keep it moving. Another instance is that I wanted perfection from my children. My eldest is and it’s on record that he is a genius and I expected him to breathe; move and speak his geniuses. Now mind you he is far more intelligent than I, yet I have years of experience on him and this is how I have to mold him. I was hard on my son, he was a great kid. However because of the inner city streets I did not want anything to take him off track and he caught the wrath that came from me too often. I have the greatest respect for my parents and because they are my parents whether I agree or disagree with what they are speaking to me about I listen and for the most part dismiss what they are saying because they don’t listen and make many assumptions as to what goes on with me and my family. My mother triggered the anger in me for the first time, she insulted my then husband and I was not going to stand there and take it. By the time I finished, I never heard her speak that negatively about him again. We were both wrong and I was in error more than she because she is my mother and the way I lashed out towards her may have cut my life span by 1 day. My dad did not move quickly enough I thought to help one of my brothers, I let loose on him. However, I think to this day that he thought I said something that I never said in my display of anger towards him. I never got so out of control that I would use profanity in their presence.

I have had so much abuse; disappointments; hurt and pain hurled into my life that I was filled with anger. The anger was for the most part well controlled; this is why I and no one else knew that I was filled with it. However, there were those days when the boiling pot pushed the lid off and the boiling water began to spurt out. I held on to everything; I had known one that I could talk with; I’m a CHRISTian and GOD’s Word does not make any sense to me about HIS joy everlasting and HIS peace. How come I have been saved for 15-24 years and I have not even come close to what GOD wants me to experience.

In 2003 everything came to a head; I was not well in my body; I was recovering from having a third stroke; I was blind; always tired; a newlywed and about to receive news from GOD that would help me to grow by leaps and bounds in the ways of GOD. Eleven months into my marriage 24 hours after I told my husband all that had happened in my first marriage; GOD began to show me that my present husband was now doing that very same thing. We had a horrific snow storm during that year; he was or is still a taxi cab driver that worked at night. I awoke early and he was not in our home. I waited 30 minutes and in my waiting I saw him having intercourse with another woman who resides in the apartment where we resided. GOD showed me a hotel, yet HE did not tell me the name of the hotel because HE knew what was in my heart and what was welling up with each second. I called every hotel that I knew that fit that description in my spirit and when I found that location he had already checked out. I had called his place of employment and was told that he checked out of the job during his regular time 6:30a he was offered a ride and he refused yet asked if he could take his cab home and was given permission. Four hours after he had completed his shift at work he finally stepped into our home. I was about 10 feet away from him and I instantly knew what he had been doing most of the night and that morning. He had planned to run into the apartment and leave again; he parked the car away from the apartment and lied that he was given a ride home. I immediately pushed him aside felt my way down the stairs and began to attack the other woman. Now remember I was blind, however she was a very mouthy and disrespectful person and the more she talked the more my hits landed; when it was all said and done according to the professionals I had beaten her within an inch of her life. I went after my husband next. I must have been coming out of the rage because I began to hear the Holy Spirit yelling STOP; STOP when I did stop I was compelled to call the police.

The police had come; I informed them of everything I was very truthful and crying uncontrollably. The police finally realized that I was blind and asked; “how were you able to do this damage”? I said she just kept on talking and I followed the voice. The hate that came from the family of the other woman was so intense that the police said keep it up and I’ll release her and take you all. I spent three months in the county jail facing attempted murder and looking at a possible 40 year sentence. For me and my age at that time it was a life sentence. I had Correctional Officers who had read my jacket either before or after I don’t know; what I do know is that they would ask me “Why are you in here, you don’t belong in here”? The inmates would walk up to me from time to time and ask me “Why are you in here? You don’t belong in here and you stick out; you are very noticeable”? I gained favor from GOD with the Correctional Officers and the inmates. I had inmates who saw the CHRIST in me and would speak with me about their life. I began attending Bible studies so that I can bath again in the Word of GOD. There were times when GOD’s power would come on me and no one not even those who came from the visiting church was familiar with GOD’s presence. A shift began to take place and I would find the inmates asking me questions about certain passages in the Bible. GOD was beginning to restore my vision to the point that I could read using trifocals and it was like drinking cool water on a very hot day. I got a book from the library in DOC called From Prison to Praise by Chuck Colson. I read the entire booklet in a few hours, it can be read in shorter time, however remember my vision is challenging. I remember saying with a pure heart, “GOD if you can do all these things for this man, I know you can do these things for me. I want to be changed, I’m tired of being the way that I am. LORD GOD, please change me”. GOD spoke into my spirit “get up and go into that cell close the door behind you; kneel and begin to pray; ask for what you want don’t hold anything back be truthful about everything and I will do it”. I got up went into the cell; closed the door and made sure it locked. Got that old tattered ugly wool blanket that is given to the inmates folded it enough or as much as I could so that my knees would not suffer more than they needed to. I got down on my knees and began. I remember asking for forgiveness of self; for my first ex-husband; the other women;  my present husband; the other woman;  my children; my parents; anyone in my family I offended; anyone whose path I crossed and was offensive to; anyone that I had an evil thought of; those guys (all brothers) that raped me when I was a wee one; those men who had thoughts of rape towards me; the guy who tried to rape me, yet I was a quick thinker, heavy handed and could run like the wind; my mother even when I was in her womb and my father and so on. I then began to ask GOD for deliverance from everything that is dark inside of me and give to me who HE is. Honestly I at that time had been saved for 24 years and had no idea what I wanted GOD to replace that evil with. HE did though.

I began to literally feel weights come off my neck; shoulder; back and lumbar. I raised myself up and immediately I knew to go over to Galatians 5:22-26 and I studied that and I continue to study that because I want to walk the more in Galatians 5:22-23. I also picked up a work book that someone left behind called Overcomers and I realized that I am an Overcomer. I thumbed through the book I was a wreck but I took it anyway. I said LORD I sure would like a better book new or one that is not so messed up as this, maybe one that where this book is messed up the next will cause this book to be complete. I kid you not after lights out GOD led me back to that area and there was another book and I grabbed it. The next day I looked at them both and together they were one book. 

Within that same week I was looking forward to Bible study and after class I informed the instructors that I would not be in class next week because I’m leaving soon. They asked me, “Do you know the day that you are leaving”? I said no; however view it as this; as a woman is in labor that is how I will be released and I believe that it will be this week. GOD released me the following day. 

Caution against anger:

Matthew 5:22 If you are angry with yourself or others you are subject to judgment.

Romans 12:19 never take revenge; leave that to the righteous anger of GOD. GOD promises that HE will take revenge; HE will pay them back.

Ephesians 4:26-27 don’t let sin control you; don’t let the sun go down and you are still angry. Anger gives the devil ammunition to destroy you.


Some take this to be a dirty word. But it’s not; it’s a wonderful word when you open your mind to all of its possibilities. Adoption is a wonderful thing to happen to a family who for whatever reason is unable to have a fruit of a child from their own body/bodies. Adoption is wonderful when a child has been mistreated and a loving family chooses that child to become their very own. Giving to that child all the love, care and protection; to meet the child’s need. The blend can be so awesome that the child begins to take on the look of the family and unless those who are unaware are told that the child was adopted; no one would have ever known.

Well for the sinner it’s no different. When JESUS finds us and we accept HIS gift of salvation; we leave the hate and mistreatment of our father the devil and step into a wonderful relationship with our true and first FATHER that we were traded from; GOD our  Creator and our big brother JESUS. We begin to tell people that we are saved not knowing really what that all entails. JESUS on the other hand like the big brother that HE is; begins to protect you and will send HIS teacher to you who is the Holy Spirit. As you grow up in this family called CHRISTians you begin to acquire what you are mature enough to walk with. How do you acquire what is yours and how do you become mature enough to receive? You must read the Word of GOD. You will not know who you are and what you are to have and what you can accomplish if you don’t know what your DADDY and BIG BROTHER have provided for you. Then you must learn to ask for what it is that you need but it must truly be a need and not a want. GOD has met all of our needs and it’s up to you to learn just what your basic needs are and what your wants are. The debts that you have accumulated because of your wants; you may want to ask GOD to teach you how to discipline you in your finances. The Word of GOD is filled with scriptures regarding finances, money and wealth. I myself think that the very best illustrator for wealth is King Solomon because when he prayed to GOD about how to establish his earthly kingdom; he did not ask for trivial things that would be taken away by time. King Solomon asked for wisdom and when you have wisdom you can unlock the treasury vault. He did not have to play lotto or gamble; he did not have to swindle anyone, he did not have to work. GOD taught him how to increase his income with the ideas that HE gave to King Solomon. Though King Solomon went coo-coo for coco puffs he was and is still considered to have been the wisest human to have ever lived. GOD said in HIS Word that no human will be that wise again. But GOD did not say that HE would not make humans wise. We are encouraged to ask for wisdom often. Also adoption is wonderful because it tells the world that though you’re DNA and your blood may not be that of your family; you are in right standing of all that the family has to offer; nothing left out as if you did have the same DNA and blood line. So if you are from a poor family and the only inheritance is a record collection from the 1920’s not scratched and a will is drawn up; you are most likely to be named the heir of those records. (Unfortunately most poor or unwise people will not understand that a collection of records or just one record from the 1920’s in perfect to good condition is wealth) If you are the only survivor of that family and there is no will everything left from the deceased belongs to you without question. It’s no different when we come to JESUS in our adoption. We inherit all that HE left for use upon HIS death; no questions asked because the will is designed for the children of GOD who are living on earth and in heaven. The will is never ending. On earth you are to inherit health, wisdom, victory, truth, anointing, power, courage, the right to speak to GOD for yourself at anytime; protection and soooooooooooo much more. In heaven you inherit a mansion and more. See we don’t have to wait to get anything in the will of GOD all we have to do is be adopted, read the Word to know who we are and what we are to do; be obedient and above all love.

When you are questioned about your position in the family be it earthly or heavenly a good scripture to know is the one where the validity of being a Jew who are GOD’s chosen and being a Gentile, everyone else has any weight.

 Scripture reference and definition

Romans 2:28-29; 8:15, 23; 9:4

Galatians 4:5-7

Ephesians 1:1-14

Adopt: to choose or take as one’s own; make one’s own by selection; to take and rear as one’s own child, specifically by a formal legal act. (What JESUS did was formal and legal)

Admit and Forget

“Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.” Philippians 3:13

Forgetting doesn’t mean losing awareness of the event. But from the standpoint in which JESUS intended, it means releasing the pain from the memory. Allowing all those unsettled issues that keep holding you prisoner, to be broken by the power of GOD. It is essential that we forgive those who hurt us. If you did the hurting, ask GOD to forgive you, HE will. Then ask the person that you hurt to forgive you. When you ask the person you hurt for forgiveness; that person may not want to forgive you, that’s okay. Because he/she does not have to forgive you, the fact that you made the effort is recorded in GOD’s book. Allow GOD’s transforming power to heal your troubled emotions and cut the cord between you and your past.

GOD has a wonderful future for you, but you can’t reach for it until you disconnect from the past.


This is a word that has become very important to anyone who has been arrested and charged with a crime. They go before a Judge or Judge and jury; after it’s all been said the person charged with an offense is waiting to hear two simple words. Not Guilty which means acquitted. The happiness and feeling that comes from the prosecuted is one of relief; be they guilty or not. Some promise never to do anything so stupid again and some just think that they got away with a crime because of their being so smart. Those that have learned their lessons are the ones who came to realize that they escaped a judgment that would destroy their lives and family for life. They came too close to possibilities of fighting for their lives; to live another day in a violent penal institution. To escape being raped and the many other torturous activities that goes on in prison.

There are many in this world that do not understand or do not know that JESUS took on the crimes of this entire world. HE took on the guilt of every person born before HIMSELF, during HIS life as a human and for those of us who would be born after HIS death. I’m awestruck when I think about that very first baby that was birthed just seconds after JESUS died on the cross and he/she if taught about what JESUS had done for him/her and he/she accepted that belief that he/she would be acquitted. I look forward to meeting the very first baby born after JESUS death who accepted JESUS as his/her SAVIOR. I also look forward to meeting the very last male/female that accepted the verdict of acquitted before JESUS returns and takes HIS bride from this earth as we know it.

However, it pains my heart to know that people choose to discount what JESUS did for this world. The sins of this world have people going to hell on a rollercoaster without breaks and the rails are greased with thick heavy oil.

Let me explain what it was like for JESUS when HE was arrested. If it helps; close your eyes and think.

JESUS a man who spoke only love; who fed the hungry; who healed the sick; who delivered men/women from demonic influence (possession); who provided or restored sight to the blind; who created appendages or limbs to those who had none; who brought the dead back to life. Why on earth would you want to see HIM dead?

JESUS was arrested and led to the courts during the night. This was unjust because this was during hours when court was not in session during normal business hours. HE had no attorney. The courts paid people to lie on HIM and the people could not even do that well. They transported HIM to another court to be tried (extradited) and that too failed. So they sent HIM back to the first court to be judged. The Judge refused to say that HE was guilty of any crime and that he wanted nothing to do with HIS being sentenced for a crime. The onlookers wanted the very worse criminal who was serving time to be released and for JESUS to accept the sentence that was placed on the other prisoner as well as be charged with HIS own crimes. The prisoner was released and JESUS was sentenced to death. Now just like today we have the death penalty as well; we use a lethal injection or gas to kill a prisoner. Then, they used stoning or crucifixion to kill their guilty of the most heinous of crimes. They beat HIM until HIS flesh was hanging from HIS bones. They stuck a crown of thorns around HIS entire head; the blood pouring down into HIS face blinding HIS sight just as we are when things get into our eyes. They removed all of HIS clothing; pulled his beard from HIS face with their hands and spit on HIM. They slapped HIM and continued to hit HIM in HIS open bleeding wounds. HE was without sleep or rest or food and drink. People made fun of HIM calling HIM all sort of names and accusing HIM to be something HE was not. HE was insulted and a royal robe the finest of the finest was placed on HIS body. This was to contradict HIS position as King. HE was paraded through the streets to have more accusations hurled at HIM. From HIS exhausted body after HE collapsed while carrying HIS own cross to the death sight. A man was chosen to take the cross for HIM. The robe was then removed; HE was completely naked; no loin cloth was on HIS body. These pictures we see of JESUS hanging on the cross are not accurate; they don’t depict the horror for which HE was succumbed to. People continued to insult HIM while HE was hanging on the cross; HE said that HE was thirsty and a soldier tried to give HIM urine to drink. One of the inmates who were being crucified with HIM sneered at HIM while the other asked for forgiveness. During all this torture JESUS kept the people who believed in HIM before HE came to earth as a human on HIS mind; HE kept those who believed in HIM during that time on HIS mind and HE kept people who were not yet born on HIS mind. Praying for us all. Now I believe that it was not the torture or HIS weaken body that caused HIM to die; I believe that it was HIS loneliness of being without HIS FATHER for the very first time ever. GOD had to finally turn away from HIS SON because HE saw the filth of sin all over HIS being and GOD cannot look on sin. This is why JESUS cried out asking why HIS FATHER; HIS GOD why did HE leave HIM. JESUS asked GOD to forgive because we don’t know what it is we are thinking; saying; believing; doing then HE stopped breathing and was pronounced dead.

JESUS the better Perry Mason or Matlock got us acquitted of all charges. But if we don’t accept being acquitted then we will suffer the punishment. But here is the beauty; though some of us will be found guilty of our crimes in the natural and are sent to prison. Freedom can be found their; you maybe behind cinderblocks, bricks and cold steel. Trying to keep from being raped witnessing the animalistic violence and the homosexual activities that is a part of the everyday life of prison. But if you allow JESUS into your heart; confess HIM; pray and saturate yourself in HIS Word; you will find that you will be untouched by the surroundings of prison. There is a difference between the jailhouse Jesus and the real JESUS. The jailhouse Jesus is discovered in prison and left there when you are released. The real JESUS discovers you and releases you in prison; you maybe locked up but you are free.

However, wouldn’t it be so much better to have JESUS to discover you now? You are an inmate and don’t know it. You are imprisoned by sin and have been found guilty. You are on death row.

Come to JESUS; let HIM speak to the JUDGE on your behalf. HE will win the case, HE has not lost one; HE is an undefeated attorney yet HE still can accept more clients; HE can make every meeting and accepts every call. HIS phone number is John 3:16 and HIS office is your heart.

DEFINITION and Scripture Reference

To relieve from a charge of fault or crime; declare not guilty; to release or discharge from an obligation; to settle or satisfy a debt or obligation.  

Matthew 26:47-75; 27:1-54

Mark 14:43-72; 15:1-39

Luke 22:47-71; 23:1-47

John 18:1-49; 19:1-37

Psalm 22

Habakkuk 1:13