Character: Part 12

James 3:2, 6, 8-10

      Nobody is perfect, except JESUS. How many times have we heard or said this?

          How true is that statement, yet we are commanded to be perfect. A mature person sets the mind to be one who does not display outburst of anger or to allow anyone to see them sweat due to stress.

          Well that maybe a good start, however would you believe that perfection can be worked on by one simple task on our part.

Control your MOUTH!

LOL, yes, just control the words as well as the degree in which we say things that are coming from our mouth.

          We must every day, every second, every minute and every hour continue to try not to say things that goes against GODs Word.

          This is where the renewing of the mind yet again comes into play. Do you realize that there is an array of everyday words that we use in our vocabulary that speaks death as well as life?

          The words that I will write out that we use daily in our speech are words that we must eradicate from use. Luck this word is supposed to reflect the effect of chance that we have. Where in the Bible do we find that we are lucky? According to the Word of GOD we are blessed. Years ago when I was taught to eradicate that word from my life, an acronym was used and each time I thought to use that word the acronym was thought of.

L is for living

U is for under

C is for carnal or corrupt

K is for knowledge

With the living of your life as being that of luck we are basing our success or lack of on chance, we are basing our life on a gamble.

          GOD never told us that we are lucky HE said that we are blessed.

          Another word that we must eradicate from our vocabulary is sick. First of all do you realize that when we say “I’m sick or another person is sick” we are calling GOD a liar? 

          We are tri-part beings. We are spirit; we are created in the image of GOD who is SPIRIT. We have a soul which is our emotions, how we feel. Our thoughts, what we think evil or good; our will and what we do. We are incased in flesh which is formed from dirt. Why do you think that when we attend funerals it is pronounced “dust to dust; ashes to ashes”? It’s because the flesh is being returned to its true form. Flesh decays. The spirit does not decay its eternal. The soul is the outlet from which we sense. Remember those 5 senses that we were taught back in pre-school or kindergarten? Feel, hear, see, taste and touch.

          I know that it’s true that our flesh does experience breakdowns and we must go to a hospital or a Doctor’s office to find out why our bodies are not feeling or doing what we want it to do. This is perfectly acceptable and wise. However, you are to take that diagnosis and begin to pray that your flesh line up with GODs Word and bow down to JESUS because you are healed. Stop taking ownership of an ailment. Take ownership of life. You don’t have a cold because if you did you would not show signs of the infection that is in your nose. You don’t have aides because if you did aids would be under your feet, it’s an enemy and the Word of GOD tells us that the enemy is under our feet. Aides must bow down to JESUS.

What is true is that your flesh is experiencing these worldly ailments. So why not just say my nose is under attack by a cold or my flesh is under attack with aides? Take the prescription given to you, work the home remedies yet never ever stop praying for your flesh to recover. You see your spirit is not being affected by any of these ailments just your flesh.

Now just as we are willing to curse our lives and others by the words we choose to say. We are also willing to bless our lives and others by the words we say. We know when we are blessing ourselves and others so I don’t think that I need to cover that. Just know that if it’s positive and agrees with the Word of GOD it’s a blessing we are a speaking.

Taming the tongue is not easy, however, as a part of getting our character in line with GODs Word. It’s necessary that we work on our mouth.

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