Character: Part 6

Acts 6:3

      How are you perceived by others?

Are you argumentative; belligerent; course; depressed; envious; foul; greedy; hateful; idolatrous; jealous; loose; murdering; noisy; oppressed; pious; quarrelsome; rebellious; sensuality; treasonous; venomous; warped? These are only a few words off the top of my head that I could think of that are of bad character.

     One, who has good character and is growing in good character, is one who has such qualities.

Are you appealing; charismatic; dependable; enjoyable; faithful; gentle; humble; joyful, kind; loving; optimistic; patient; relishable; self-controlled; truthful; walking in wisdom; zealous for GOD in love. And again these are only a few words off the top of my head that I could think of.

     All who are born again into CHRIST JESUS are called into ministry, however, this does not mean that we are all called into the fivefold ministry which is the Apostle; Evangelist; Pastor; Prophet and Teacher.

     We must understand that we win more souls to GOD through CHRIST JESUS by our character than by our words. It is up to us to reveal the love of JESUS by our character. If we speak as those who are lost and do the things that those who are lost does, how will we ever glorify the CHRIST which really means the anointing that is given to us by JESUS?

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