Those who are Overcomers because we have the living GOD living within us through CHRIST are never ashamed to speak of HIM and share what HE has done for us. It is through our testimony that we hope we gain the ear of the lost but it’s GOD’s Word that especially bring powerful means of salvation to those we share it with. Knowing by faith that we are now justified because we are considered through CHRIST by the FATHER that we are now righteous we must live in the peace that HE has given to us with GOD through our LORD CHRIST JESUS. Rely on the peace that is within us to triumph over all the tribulations we encounter. Look, CHRIST died in our place in the place of every single human being. We are weak and powerless to help ourselves because we are without GOD in hour life and even the righteous realize that we too are week and powerless this is why we totally rely on CHRIST. Take a good look at your life, even if you do not actively do such as commit murder, steal, and adultery, fornicate, you may not hate anyone, and you may not be selfish through ambitions. But have you exhibited being a liar at any time in your life, what do you idolize-what or who means far more to you than GOD your Creator and CHRIST your Savior, do you dabble in zodiacs, palmistry, tarot, luck-superstitions, do you harbor anger or are you quick-tempered, are you known to get drunk or high (witchcraft); and are you envious of others at any time in your life? Gal. 5:19-21 teaches us that when we are not led by the Holy Spirit we are led by sin. CHRIST died for us all. So, when we begin to believe in CHRIST we will become acquitted, brought into right relationship with the FATHER, justified, and made righteous. This is what the cleansing blood of CHRIST does for us HE is the One who can save us from GOD’s contempt, disgust, and anger towards anyone who dies without CHRIST. All anyone need do is believe in CHRIST JESUS. Without CHRIST in our heart, we will remain, enemies of GOD we must come back in union through friendship to the FATHER through CHRIST death because without HIM we are alienated, estranged and far from HIM. Those of us who believe in CHRIST know that we are being saved and delivered daily from the dominion of sin all because of CHRIST resurrection. And it is because we have come back to the FATHER in friendship through CHRIST that we can rejoice. The free gift that we receive from the FATHER is nothing like the life we had when we were sinners which are fun for just a while but the price that we pay is costly. The FATHER’s gift brings us closer to HIM whereas sin’s gift takes us further away from knowing the Truth who is CHRIST. In CHRIST we have an abounding, an increase in benefits because of our believing in HIM. Because of sin, we have already been birthed into this world condemned, however, the free gift that we receive is justification and righteousness. Do you know that all it took was one man to receive the death sentence for us all? Likewise, it only took One Man who has no sin coursing through HIS arteries and veins nor the marrow within HIS bones to offer us HIS Salvation with overflowing grace and mercy. The Law of Moses that so many Christians and CHRISTians are bound by only magnifies the sin within our lives. Each time we believe we have it all together or we become overly judgmental of others the law will show us how far we are from GOD’s grace and mercy. Not only that but we will become guilty of the same things we judge others for. The grace of GOD should increase within our lives not only for ourselves but towards others as well. Grace has to reign in our lives, people must see that we are the genuine article we don’t just speak JESUS we live in CHRIST and people will notice HIM through us. Hey you, my brother and sister in CHRIST we are no longer condemned because we are in right fellowship with the FATHER through CHRIST. So why do we want to see others whether we know them or not remain in condemnation? The correct law which is the Spirit of life that is in CHRIST has set us free from the Law of Moses which is the magnification of sin and the penalty is death. The Law of Moses failed at bringing and keeping mankind righteous because it does not have the power of grace and mercy to cause our flesh to cooperate. The SON of the Living GOD, however, disguised HIMself in flesh, HE looked like us and had needs as we do, that is to eat, bath, use the toilet, and be clothed. The FATHER required that sin be condemned in flesh and no one is able to fulfill this requirement except CHRIST. HE is the only One who was able to overcome and take away the power of sin and this is why those who choose to believe will believe this sacrifice. Also, it takes time for us to learn and believe that we do not have to obey our flesh any longer. Our flesh is not what CHRIST saved what HE saved is our spirit which was dead and is now alive in HIM. We must allow our spirit to lead our emotions which will lead our flesh not the other way round. CHRIST must be alive in us and we must believe that our flesh is dead by understanding that it will cause guilt due to sin. Our spirit is now alive and we have no guilt because we are righteous. CHRIST is the end of the Law of Moses. Live as CHRIST in our character and integrity. Love without hypocrisy, hate all manner of evil/sin, stick closely only to what is good. Put CHRIST on as we did our armor never will we find that we are to remove our armor so never are we to remove CHRIST. Our salvation is always near us more so before we chose to believe, provide nothing for our flesh except that which is essential to our requirements as humans because those things that we lust after are not required to sustain our lives.

Have anyone of you ever asked yourself why there are so many denominations of the local assembly where we worship? The answer is because they all are no longer speaking the same things in the ears of the congregation. This is what brought about division and caused us to no longer be perfectly joined together with the same mind and judgment in CHRIST. CHRIST is not divided so why are we? If we were spoken to in our spirit to preach the gospel why then are we not doing so? When I write though I have a great command of the vocabulary I write simplistically in the hopes that every reader in the world will understand the message. It’s wonderful that some of us have an education but an education is only useful when we are in a setting that calls for our higher learning. Stop trying to be impressive and share the gospel in its simplest form as the Word of GOD presents itself in the Bible. To those who will hear us but are not listening the cross of CHRIST is ridiculous those are the ones who are dying and though they may not believe today hopefully in their tomorrow if they get one, they will believe. But to us who have already believed, we are being saved because we know that it is GOD’s power and wisdom. CHRIST crucifixion and resurrection is foolishness to the unbeliever but we make it worse by being the stumbling block when we make the invitation, our lifestyle [character and integrity], and our conversation obvious that CHRIST is not the head of our life rather sin is. We are all called by the Holy Spirit to come to CHRIST who is the power and wisdom of GOD. We all need mentors but dearly beloved don’t allow anyone to mentor you who does not imitate CHRIST and I don’t mean one who calls himself such or places himself as a god/deity. This is why we must know who CHRIST is and who we are in HIM. Please stop all this competitiveness in the body of CHRIST. Just as our bodies have many parts internally and externally they all operate in harmony. Why can’t we in the body of CHRIST do the same, why can’t we who have been blessed with special gifts use them together in the church? Be harmonious in CHRIST. The reality of our faith in CHRIST is that HE died for everyone’s sins and our hope is set in the fact that HE rose from the dead. HE is alive and because of HIS being alive so are we who are in CHRIST our faith in HIM is not just talk old wives tales or lies. We who are in CHRIST no longer are held captive and led by sin. If we believe that this is the life that which we are living or so-called living in the now then we are all pitiful.

We must observe the Holy Spirit not the letter of the law. Our trust is in CHRIST towards GOD. Our minds are kept blinded because it has grown callous and hard we no longer have the ability to understand and the proof is evident when we read the laws within the Old Testament which is the old covenant, the old contract the veil is still present on our hearts we refuse to lift that dusty old veil to reveal that in CHRIST it is made null and void. CHRIST is the light of the gospel and we have received HIS mercy so don’t lose heart my dear ones. The light of the gospel of CHRIST glory who is the very image of GOD must shine on us. The gospel is about CHRIST not us as the focal point we are HIS bondservants with a burning desire to share HIM with everyone. GOD our Creator commanded light to shine out of the complete darkness and that light broke through the darkness of our hearts by invite that is. And in that light is the knowledge of GOD’s glory in the face of CHRIST. CHRIST is the blueprint by which we are to follow. Is your love for CHRIST sincere? Then people should see your diligent faith not so much by what you say but by what you do without knowing that you are being watched by others. Sincere love must be first nature in those who have CHRIST within.

There is only one true gospel and that is the gospel of CHRIST. You know why so many people turn away from christianity because CHRIST is not or no longer the focal point. Traditions, the Laws of Moses and whatever perversion that has become first place to either water down the gospel or removed it. We cannot serve CHRIST and man so who are we going to please mankind or CHRIST? CHRIST can only be revealed to us through the Holy Spirit and we are to attend Bible studies and worship service to glorify CHRIST and to have our faith stretched as we mature in HIM. No one should be saved for twenty years and still be on the milk of the Word of GOD. We all must be secure in the knowledge of knowing that when we believe in CHRIST and we have allowed CHRIST to reside in our heart that we are justified by GOD through CHRIST. Don’t allow anyone to cause you to doubt who you are all because of their unbelief in CHRIST. Those who are in CHRIST have been redeemed from the curse of the Law of Moses because CHRIST took our place and became cursed for us. We are now the seed of Abraham the father of faith which is the Seed of CHRIST who was known to be righteous not because of the law. Abraham lived four hundred and thirty years prior to Moses and the law. Abraham is known to be righteous because he believed whatever the LORD GOD shared with him. The promise by faith in CHRIST will be given to those who believe in HIM. The law is our tutor to bring us to CHRIST so that we can be justified by faith. We are all by faith in CHRIST sons of GOD when we were baptized in CHRIST we put on CHRIST. We are all one in CHRIST there is no special person so stop tripping. We are all special to HIM. We all have the promise and we all are heirs in CHRIST as it was promised to Abraham. We are liberated, free from sin and we must remain secure in this knowledge. CHRIST has made us free so please don’t return to what we are familiar with in sin.

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