I’m certain when we think of the Apostles we never consider the One Apostle who is our HIGH PRIEST and that is CHRIST the One who we must confess publicly as ours. HE is the One who was sent on a mission to preach the gospel. HE was and is faithful to the FATHER who appointed HIM to be our Apostle and HIGH PRIEST. CHRIST deserves much more honor than Moses who was faithful in the house as a servant but CHRIST is the builder of the house because each and everything is built by GOD. CHRIST as SON was and is faithful over GOD’s house and we are that house and we must hold tight to the courage and confidence inspired by what we hope for in CHRIST. The Holy Spirit asks that when we hear His voice that we do not harden our hearts and turn a deaf ear to what we hear from Him. Do not fulfill and continue to rebel against CHRIST. The Israelites tested and tried the means of CHRIST by which the presence, quality, or genuineness was actual. Even after they experienced and saw the works of the LORD. We too do the very same thing. Many times in the Old Testament we will read about the anger of GOD and how HE let loose on those who were disobedient. Today, HE does not leash out in anger but rather provides grace to the disobedient and grace and mercy to the obedient. The disobedient do not have a clue about the ways of GOD through CHRIST because their hearts are far from HIM. And this is why they are not restful but rather restless. CHRISTians should not be so, we are to enter into HIS rest and stay there. We must surrender our hearts to the LORD GOD daily ask HIM to remove any darkness of unbelief out of us and replace that emptiness with the fruit of HIS Spirit. Be encouraging to one another, after all, how can anyone be discouraged when we are encouraged throughout the day as well as we encourage others. The lack of being encouraged will cause our hearts to grow cold and hard because of the slick and sly way sin creeps in. We are participators of CHRIST when we hold on to our faith. Remember to daily hear the voice of the Holy Spirit so that our hearts will not become hard and rebellious. CHRIST is forever our IGH PRIEST and not because HE appointed HIMself and neither is it because HE glorified HIMself. CHRIST is our forever HIGH PRIEST because the FATHER of glory our highest GOD in the heavens announced by making public that CHRIST is HIS SON and that CHRIST is a Priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. While CHRIST was on the earth HE prayed specific and special request for the things that HE not only needed but wanted. We have all at one time or another been led astray about what we are to pray for. But in my maturity in CHRIST I’ve learned that we can pray for what we need and what we want. Because CHRIST did so, we should as well. CHRIST prayed with an eagerness to get what HE needed and wanted, HE had a longing desire for the things HE prayed for. There were times when CHRIST prayed that HE cried due to the urgency. I know that some of us have been here. But maybe the request went nowhere because of our hearts faith. CHRIST as a human did not want to die after all who in their right mind wants to die? But because CHRIST had a healthy reverent respect for HIS FATHER though HE is CHRIST the SON, CHRIST learned obedience in the flesh because HE suffered. And because HE is perfect in HIS flesh CHRIST became the author and the finisher of our eternal salvation in faith to all who will obey HIM. But we are not willing to suffer but so much for CHRIST. HE is called by GOD to be our HIGH PRIEST. CHRIST received the promise from the FATHER which has the quality of being incapable of error or mistake. We as CHRISTians have perfected outward the ability to debate over elementary principles of CHRIST. GOD willing the elementary will be taken care of in time and if not, so what. We must leave behind us the elementary and initial lessons learned about CHRIST and grow up in the maturity of CHRIST. Cease from remaining and returning to the foundation of turning our backs on sin which led to our death through repentance, we confessed our faith now continue to trust without wavering. Why are we making a big production [dead formality] about repentance after we’ve done so in the beginning when we returned to the FATHER by faith in CHRIST? Our elementary learning was based on purification, the laying on of hands [when this is to be done], the resurrection of CHRIST and us in HIM, and the eternal judgment along with its punishment. We’ve learned them or we should have learned them, now, move on to grow up in CHRIST. The Word of GOD teaches us that it is impossible for those of us who have already tasted the heavenly gift of GOD, been once and for all enlightened and are sharers of the Holy Spirit to be restored and brought back again to repentance. Doing this is legalism, we are demonstrating ourselves to be as the Israelites who had to go to the High Priest with their offering to be inspected after the High Priest received the offering, laid his hands on the offering to transfer the sin onto the animal and then in the killing of  it the person was free to go. Do we not believe that the suffering and death of CHRIST the onetime fulfilled what we stand in need of sufficiently? Why do we find it necessary to continue executing CHRIST over and over again and placing HIM to public shame over and over again? Abraham who is the father of faith received the promise that we must take hold of because we are the seed of Abraham. The promise that was given without the ability to be a mistake, without the possibility of failure is that Abraham will be blessed and he will have many decedents of which we are, that is those of us who have the faith of CHRIST living within us. GOD is not a man that HE will lie, HIS promise and oath have been demonstrated so we are to run and take a stronghold of the hope which strongly encourages us and will keep us encouraged. Our hope is assured, our safety and anchor went through to what is inside that veil, and CHRIST went in as our HIGH PRIEST on our behalf. I wrote that we have the tendency to put CHRIST to an open public shame again and again and we crucify HIM again and again out of our ignorance of not knowing what our initial open repentance did for us when we came to CHRIST in faith. Though we will have the tendency from time to time to commit sin in our flesh and we will become remorseful about our actions. There is no need to openly return to the foundation of repentance just decide in the mind to no longer do what we have done, stop allowing guilt to overtake us. GOD knew that we would continue to do that which we are familiar with until we grow up in CHRIST by becoming mature in HIM. This is why our sins are forgiven the past, the present and the future. When the FATHER looks at us, all HE sees is HIS SON’s precious blood on us. HE does not see any sin. It is because of HIS death that HE is the defense attorney, and the mediator, of the Last Will and Testament, the New Covenant. HIS death has set us free from the moral duty of the law and the fact that we remained in breach of the commands. We have been called to receive the promised eternal inheritance. In order for a will to become effective, there must be a death and that death must be proven. As long as there is a doubt that the maker of the will is still alive or that the death cannot be proven, the will is ineffective. CHRIST has not entered into an earthly sanctuary made by the efforts of human hands. CHRIST entered the Holiest Place not made by man, not a copy of what heaven is like but HE actually entered into heaven. HE is there on our behalf in the very presence of GOD. HE is not in heaven to present HIMself repeatedly as our offering and sacrifice as the former High Priest did by offering and sacrificing animals year after year with blood that was not their own and if it was it could not do what CHRIST blood does. If GOD knew that the blood of CHRIST was not sufficient to clean and forgive those who believe and trust in HIM, CHRIST would have had to die beginning with Adam and Eve and for every human thereafter. However, because GOD knew that the blood of CHRIST is sufficient to cleanse and forgive HE only had a need to die the once. It is we through our ignorance and rebellion that continues to crucify CHRIST through continual repentance and unbelief of who HE is and our being saved and forgiven through HIM. Humans die once and then are judged when we die and are raised in CHRIST we have already been judged righteous. So when we go to sleep and are buried or cremated CHRIST will return and deliver us who are eagerly waiting for HIM. Others will die, be judged and sentenced to eternal damnation all because they did not believe in CHRIST. The death of CHRIST perfected the sanctified in HIM which are HIS believer in HIM. CHRIST offered one sacrifice for our sins forever and then HE went and sat HIMself down at the right hand of the FATHER. HIS work is complete and we are to now enter into HIS rest as HE is resting from HIS work. HE is patiently waiting for HIS enemies to realize that they no longer have authority or power and to become HIS footstool. The Holy Spirit is our witness He reminds us what CHRIST has said. “This is the covenant which I will make with them after those days, says the LORD: “I will put MY laws on their hearts, and write it on their minds” HE then adds, “and their sins and their wickedness’s I will remember no more”. Notice how CHRIST has said that the laws which we will have from now on will be HIS laws not the Laws of Moses. Where forgiveness offerings, sacrifices, and continual repentance is no longer needed or required. We all when we realize that we’ve done or said something stupid or in error, we say aloud that which we have said or have done acknowledging our error. Sometimes we laugh at our error and sometimes we get a wee bit upset and then we move on correcting our mistake by no longer doing what we’ve done or superseding what we’ve done with what should have been done. This is how we should be when we acknowledge what we are saying or what we are doing that is not pleasing to GOD. Just change our position, change our mind not to repeat that again. Live in the full freedom and confidence that we have been given. Boldly go into the throne room and keep our DADDY company in the blood of CHRIST. Come forward, draw near to the FATHER knowing that our hearts have been purified and that we have qualified and an absolute assurance which is engineered by our faith in CHRIST leaning on GOD’s absolute goodness, power and wisdom. Hold on and keep without doubting the hope that we’ve obtained. Acknowledge, confess, and love it with sincerity because GOD has promised and HE is reliable and HE will always be faithful to HIS Word who is CHRIST.

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  1. jimout2002a

    Amen. We thank God for our Great High Priest. Because of Him, we are not only having the Life of God but can boldly come into His presence. Thanks for reminding us who we are.

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