Free from internal offensiveness. Free from immoral impurity. Free from ceremonial defilement, guilt, and disease. When CHRIST JESUS cleanses us we are forever free from sins and we become purified and all matter of any kind is removed from us.

What would happen if we viewed sin as aids, the disease that attacks the immune system and eventually the vital organs? Sins cannot be cured by modern science or by simply abstaining from acts which are displeasing to GOD. No, we are all born in sin and there is only one true cure and that is believing in CHRIST JESUS. Leprosy was then and is now a disease that destroys the body inwardly as well as outwardly. People with aids and leprosy are outcast from others or those that have the disease will try to hide it from the public as long as possible before family and friends will only deal with them from afar. Those with aids or leprosy are either institutionalized or hospitalized in a nursing home where most are not touched with compassion and love eludes them. However, in the four gospels, we see how JESUS was moved with compassion and touched lepers and spoke to the disease and the disease left them. This is how we who have living within us JESUS the CHRIST must show ourselves to others, we must show loving compassion and speak with authority to the sin, not to the person. Sinners are aware that there is badness within them but they need someone to share who they can be in CHRIST JESUS and how HE will see them once they begin to believe in HIM. The LORD JESUS is always willing to cleanse people from sin just as HE was willing to cleanse every leper that came to HIM. So it’s not about whether or not HE is willing it’s about whether or not we are willing to be clean from sin. When JESUS cleanse us from sin it’s not a process it’s an immediate cleansing. We just need to believe from that moment on until we sleep in HIM awaiting the resurrection. Religion and religious people will teach that we must do this or that when in truth all we need do is believe in CHRIST JESUS and allow HIM to clean us from the inside out rather than from the outside in which never works. What the performance of works does is make us hypocrites, pretenders to those who think that what they see is accurate in those who appear to have it all together. If they only knew that when no one is watching those that they believe are very holy are actually hellions, practicing those things that they ought not practice. Such as anger, pride, lying, manipulation, sexual immorality and more. And if caught will try to justify their acts with scripture. We self-indulge in sin because that is what we want to do, so why not be honest about that. No one can make a true CHRISTian sin because they are no longer under the law and when they do sin it’s done mostly out of ignorance of the Word of GOD or they allow their flesh to get caught up in a situation that they should have ignored and walked or ran away from. Religious people are blind to the full truth of CHRIST JESUS and because of this will try to load on others the very things they themselves are not able to control. They look great outwardly yet inwardly they are dark and dead.

The true vine that we are to grow from is CHRIST JESUS and GOD the FATHER tends HIS garden well. If you are a gardener or know anything about gardening you understand that anything that does not produce is dried up it must be pruned away to allow growth. This is the same process that GOD will take when HE notices that there is death hanging on the branch of the Vine. HE does not allow it to remain because if it does it will kill the entire plant. This process cleanses in its being pruned so that the living will produce more excellently. Such is it so in the body of CHRIST, we are already cleaned and what gets pruned from us is every heavy weight of sin because sin will only produce death.

Be encouraged my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we have been cleansed and pronounced clean so do not return to our old wicked ways of sins in action because we believe and have been saved from the greatest sin of all and that was that we did not believe in CHRIST JESUS. Remember that we are not common or unholy any longer.

CHRIST JESUS is our Bridegroom and we are HIS bride. HE sanctifies us with the washing of HIS Word. It is in the blood of CHRIST HIS very own virtue that has given to us HIS eternal Spirit, it was JESUS CHRIST who offered HIMself for us who endured the shame and punishment that we ourselves rightly deserve. JESUS knew no sin because there was and is no sin to be found in HIM. We must stop trying to live according to the Law of Moses, and our own self-indulgence. When GOD cleans us inwardly we no longer have a guilty conscience of dead works and lifeless observances rather our conscience is free in the living GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Non-believers come close to GOD and HE will come close to you, HE is already aware that without CHRIST JESUS in your life that you are sinners so stop trying to hide from the GOD nothing is hidden from. HE sees and hears all. You are coming to HIM because you realize that you need a Savior, that all you’ve done still leaves you empty and that you have been disloyal to your Creator. We all have committed spiritual adultery it could not be helped because this is who we are at birth even though we are so very cute and precious as infants and toddlers. Only GOD can and will purify our hearts through CHRIST JESUS if we will only believe. In abundance, if we will only believe we receive from GOD, HIS grace, and peace which provides to us spiritual prosperity, freedom from fears, agitations, and conflicts. HIS grace and peace are multiplied within HIS children, they are completely full, correct, personal and precise, and will provide us with the correct knowledge of our FATHER and the LORD CHRIST JESUS.

You know how when we “speak to ourselves” or so we think we may realize that we did something stupid or tell ourselves that we must apologize to so and so for something we either did or said? Well in essence when we speak to another or “to ourselves” about something we did or said we are actually confessing. Let me give you an example. Oh, I forgot to pick up that book and bring it with me to give to someone. Then you go to someone and tell them that you forgot the book. This is confessing. It was your mistake, you are taking full ownership of the mistake. It’s the same when confessing to GOD, it’s not out of guilt but it’s an acknowledgment that we did something that we should not have done, take ownership of it without excuses. We have been placed to live in the light of GOD not to play hop-scotch skipping from light into darkness because the blood of CHRIST JESUS daily cleanses us from all impurities of guilt and our confessing is not something we do ceremonially or out of guilt. Our confessing is when we realize we have sinned and we say something about it so that we can decide to change our mind from continuing to repeat the same thing habitually. However, non-believers are to admit that they are sinners and confess that they have sinned which is the sin of not believing in CHRIST JESUS you will be forgiven of your past, present and future sins. Remember, when JESUS was nailed to the cross you were not yet born so what sins could HE forgive that is yours? The thing is that HE actually saw you and knew you eternally before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. Once you believe that you are forgiven you will be forgiven eternally so stop tripping over what you did and don’t allow others to hold you captive by your past sinful actions. You have been cleansed from all unrighteousness forever. And we now have the nature of CHRIST JESUS living on the inside of us completely.

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