Comforting others

1 Corinthians 1:3-4

 Each of us requires comfort from others. Let’s face it, the comfort we need is not going to be found from a pet; the mis-use of alcohol; drugs; food and so on. GOD has hard-wired all people to need people. After all; when GOD created man, GOD noticed that man was the only one without a companion. So GOD provided Adam with a wife who would bring comfort to him. There are so many people in the world who took a left turn in life because when they needed comfort there was no one around who was willing to help. The beginning onset of depression comes from the absence of comfort. People need people to talk with not talk to all the time. Then there are times when people just need people to talk to not with. Many people get it wrong by trying to provide a solution to others by wanting to fix the problem. We must understand that fixing some problems come from just listening with an open mind; open ears and open heart. What may seem ridiculous to you is not ridiculous to another. We must be sensitive to others; in being sensitive you will notice needs. Such as hunger; thirst; clothes; shoes; shelter; love; friendship. Notice that I included the essentials to what every human has need of. When a person enters jail/prison the government provides the following for comfort shelter; clothes; shoes; food and beverage. Missing from the equation is love and friendship. We are to always speak encouragement to others; cheer them up; people should be delighted to see you coming or getting your phone call. GOD’s Word is filled with how HE comforts us and we are required to follow in the examples that JESUS left for us. We are to be a helping hand in building another’s confidence for life; strength to travel  a difficult pathway; relief when tensions mount; silent understanding during times of hurt; steadfast love amidst shaky circumstances. This kind of comfort involves the deepest form of commitment. It brings refreshment to another’s spirit and morning to another’s night.

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