Counsel/Counselor – Part I


Advice; is the opinion, or instruction, given upon request, for directing the judgment or conduct of another; opinion given upon deliberation or consultation.

Any person who gives advice; but properly one who is authorized by natural relationship, or by birth, office or profession, to advise another in regard to his/her future conduct and measures.

We all require counseling be it professional or through the bonds of friendship or family. First and most required is that we all go and obtain counsel from GOD HIMself. The majority of people believe that GOD only speaks to the clergy but in truth, HE will speak to everyone who inquires of HIM and the requirement to hear from HIM is to have our ears open to listen to what HE has to say regardless of our accepting or rejecting. However, if the council comes from GOD, I suggest that we heed what HE provides us with as HE counsels us in HIS wisdom. I will provide many scripture references but I don’t believe I will write about each scripture that I provide. Understand, however, that we must beware that there are many bad as well as good counselors. The thing is that we need to know instinctively which is which. And when we don’t speak about matters with those that we trust to provide us with good counsil and we rely on our own counsel many times we fail because we thought or maybe we never considered that our idea is not a GOD idea. Often when I write about a subject matter it is for me as well so I too am growing and learning.

First, let us take a look at what happens when we receive and trust in bad counseling from those we receive as a counselor be it temporary or through mentorship. Our first and hopefully throughout our lifetime should be our parents. We look to them for advice and answers. Unfortunately, today because females and males are having children at such a young age because they are not receiving the guidance that is required in there young lives. We have households that are no different than that of Ahab the king who was married to Jezebel. Oh, please allow me to clarify who Jezebel was, it has nothing to do with her being a loose woman. Too often females are regarded as Jezebels because they are loose. Actually, Jezebel was a woman who was extremely rebellious and took her husband’s authority from him in her emasculating him. We have two or three generations of parents who don’t have a clue to living or providing the type of counsel that each generation needs because they don’t have it to give. We listen to those who are not living better than us but rather living on the same level or lower than we are.

Then we have those who may be in the profession of being counselors. They need to take caution because they grow into the mindset that because they get paid to counsel many that they know it all or can help direct others to the answers that are required. In other words, they become to know it all. They nor do we see them as fools all because they are relying on their own wisdom and not the wisdom of GOD. But this is not just for those who are professionals we can attach this to those who in most times will provide good counsel but we never consider that just because we have been given good advice so many times from an individual that often times they never live or take heed to their own counsel.

Anyone who sit or stand around thinking and speaking of ways to do evil we need to be far away from. People like this egg one another on through evil counseling. No one ever decides to do evil on an impulse, they begin with thoughts that go through their mind playing like a loop. And no one who has a constant thought ever keeps it to themselves, someone knows about the plans that are being considered to be executed. We must continually be aware of our counselors because all of them are not good but rather bad. Every one who counsels to do what is wicked before the LORD is actually against the LORD. Now that I’ve written about how to notice those counselors who provide bad advice and how we are not to take heed from them because of their lifestyle and because of what they speak about which is evil or have not experienced that in which we need help in.

Now let’s take a look at what we receive when we receive from good counselors. When we are seeking out counselors for our life rather professional or among our family or peers we should know what to look out for. When our counselors live their life in CHRIST JESUS we need to look for the qualities that a wise counselor had by the name Zechariah. And if those who do not live their lives in CHRIST JESUS they should still have some of the traits of Zechariah. Wise counselors are known to mentor and tutor others. Most often than not we can rely on the advice that is offered.

For those of us who live before our LORD GOD we must consider this when we are in search of counselors who consider themselves wise and know that no one is wise in and of him/herself. Job has the answer which shut his and the mouths of others up. Don’t be so blind not to recognize that we all are entwined to do well and evil which is scattered throughout the nature of our lives. GOD is the only One who in HIS own way will remove that which is evil and reshape us into the image of HIS SON. Everything that has breath is in HIS hand. We all have a free will and those of us who have working ears which hear we don’t use them to listen. We use our mouth to know that which we like and dislike but we don’t use our ears for the very same. Beware of those which are old and we take counsel from because I am seeing more and more that seniors are just as clueless as the younger generation. We can’t assume that senior citizens will provide good counsel just because of their age. I’ve taken good counsel from many who are a generation behind me. Wisdom is not automatically given to those just because their head has gray or white hair and their life is categorized to be a senior citizen. This is why it is very important that when we seek out counselors for our life that they rely on their wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Because through Him we gain wisdom and understanding as to what it is that we seek. We are all familiar with the saying “when GOD opens a door or window no man can shut it” actually the scripture reads “when HE breaks something down, it can’t be rebuilt; when HE imprisons someone, he can’t be released”. We often refer to this when we have a great desire that we hope belongs to us. Every one of us must rest in the knowledge that GOD alone is total might/strength and wisdom everything is in HIS power. In most cases we worry about things that we know we have no control over and we are looking for someone to advise us through council how we may avail a situation. Or we sit and brood over our own thoughts trying to devise plans that will free us. How about leaving our concerns with GOD and watch how HE leads those who devise evil schemes and make fools of them all because of their own self wisdom in the estimation that HE causes to fail. Fools are slaves to pride which is the spirit of satan remember this is what got him thrown out of the Kingdom of GOD when his name was lucifer. Ever to roam the earth until his day of judgement. Even those of the clergy are known to devise wicked plans only to satisfy their own greedy desires which lead those that they have charge astray. It does not matter what their position is be it from the President of the United States of America, to kings and queens of foreign countries, anyone sitting in high positions of authority to make decisions or the average citizens. If any of these are firmly seated in their own wisdom or they do not consider to obtain counsel from others that will direct them to goodness rather than what is wrong for themselves will have a rippling effect towards others. GOD will overturn their plans. HE does so by not having anyone to any longer listen to the words that are being given, though once trusted the trust has now been dried up. HE causes those that once trusted the advice of these counselors to be despised, HE disables their authority and position and breaks with destruction the pride that existed in their lives. HE uncovers those deep secrets that we think no one else is aware of to some it becomes their shame and to others it drives us to repentance. Consider that those who we value as good counselors yet they give bad advice, it’s been done so by the will of GOD who has taken away their understanding because they are wandering in the wilderness of their own making.

In searching for counselors who can help us look for those who have a personal testimony in your situation. They have gone through what you are facing and came out victorious or they failed.

We must surround ourselves in the midst of wise counselors where we will find safety. In the counselors of peace, we will find joy. To avoid being frustrated seek out godly counsel in the hopes that our purposes will be accomplished. In the abundance of counselors meaning that it’s wise to ask for assistance in our decisions from more than one person but rather ask and listen to a minimum of three. Listen to the agreement without letting the other know that we have asked from another in this type of counseling we can gain victory and safety.

We hear this every CHRISTmas yet, we never take it to heart for us to grow in faith. JESUS was given to us and in HIM, HE will extend the dominion and the government to perpetuate HIS peace of the throne and kingdom of David which are HIS. HE has secured it and sustained it through HIS justice and righteousness now and forever/eternity. In HIS name JESUS is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty GOD, Everlasting FATHER and Prince of Peace. So, because HE is the Wonderful Counselor why do we not go to HIM first and maybe after three days of not receiving clarity from HIM seek out godly counsel from those that GOD uses in this capacity? I’m sure we will obtain clarity.

No one has and no one can measure out the accurate measurements that GOD used to create the world and everything that is in it. Some like to think that they can direct GOD by saying “I told GOD”. How foolish this statement is, we can’t tell GOD what to do but we can sit ourselves down and speak to HIM from the heart to heart. HE is our Wonderful Counselor, HE is the One who teaches not the other way round. The Spirit of the LORD does not receive direction from HIS creation HE directs HIS creation. Who does JESUS receive counsel from in the hopes that HE can provide us with wise counsel? Who has given to HIM justice and given to HIM the knowledge we seek and the understanding that we require? In HIS name lies the answer. Can any of HIS creation know the mind of the LORD? Can we understand HIS thoughts without the Holy Spirit? Who counsels JESUS? The answers are in HIS name.

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