As I was preparing to write this blog I thought to myself how am I to convey to all my readers just what it is to be crucified. So I went to my favorite dictionary and decided to cut and paste exactly what was found there.  

  1. To nail to a cross; to put to death by nailing the hands and feet to a cross or gibbet [another name for gibbet is gallows], sometimes anciently, by fastening a criminal to a tree, with cords.

But they cried, crucify him, crucify him. Luke 23:21.

  1. In scriptural language, to subdue; to mortify; to destroy the power or ruling influence of.

They that are CHRIST’s have crucified the flesh, with the affections and lusts. Galatians 5:24.

  1. To reject and despise.

They crucify to themselves the SON of GOD afresh. Hebrews 6:6.

To be crucified with CHRIST, is to become dead to the law and to sin, and to have indwelling corruption subdued. Galatians 2:20

  1. To vex or torment.

I know that I could not have described what it’s like to be crucified any better than what is found in the dictionary.

During the final part of the unjust trial where JESUS was waiting to hear the judgment for HIM which was unwarily ordained from the beginning of time in the heart and mind of GOD. Because JESUS was the only human born to die and HIS death was not the same type of earthly death that we all succumb to, no, HIS death had a purpose for the world and that was to heal, deliver and save all mankind if they would only have faith in HIM. HIS precious spilled blood is able to wash clean every human on this planet if everyone would only believe in HIM. HIS resurrection provides to all of those who place their entire trust in HIM the victory over everything as HE is our victor. I encourage everyone to read from all four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John the record that we have about the crucifixion of JESUS who Pilate openly confessed that JESUS is the CHRIST. Now, I don’t know if Pilate and his wife became believers in JESUS but I have witnessed in my life those that are true heathens being used by the living GOD by delivering messages to me. So knowing that Pilate could have been just an instrument and not a believer in the SON of GOD to be used by GOD was already ordained in the heavens before Pilate was born. In the scriptures, our ancestors pronounced a curse on each of us and that is not only are they guilty of punishing JESUS but that we all are guilty of this horrendous punishment that JESUS went through so that we would not have to go through it. The corporate punishment now is normally found in the prison system and they use death by needle filled with four types of poison. But if the corporal punishment that was once used back then and that was to crucify criminals. Then criminals today who have been judged to be put to death would also be nailed or tied to the stake until dead and if there were no one to have compassion on the one who had been crucified that body would remain on that stake for all to watch decay day by day.

 Our ancestors shouted that JESUS must die by means of being crucified on the stake. Pilate was told by his wife that JESUS is a just man and it was noticed I’m sure by Pilate that JESUS is just because of HIS mannerism. I’m sure that Pilate had witnessed many criminals that either growl with shouting back that they are innocent, those that have in their eyes an emptiness and not showing remorse for their crimes. Pilate notices and was intrigued by JESUS.

When we read in the gospels about Pilate we know that he is a man with great authority, yet, he did not operate in his full authority for a few reasons. The first reason is that GOD is the one who orchestrated that day and JESUS came into this world to save mankind through HIS death. Secondly, GOD said that HE will put enmity between you [satan that serpent] and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; HE will bruise your head, and you will bruise HIS heel. Thirdly, he was overcome by the pressure of the people who were being used by satan. From the chief priest to the poorest of people who did not follow the teachings of JESUS were being used. We see Peter in hiding and cussing someone out watching this fiasco and the remaining disciples are not known where they ran out of fear. The only one who was up close and remained to the very end was John. It is written that we are to pick up and carry our cross. JESUS provided us with the example how HE HIMself carried HIS own cross. Have any of us ever wondered why the place where JESUS was crucified was called the place of the skull? Well, it’s because it’s the location where David buried the skull of Goliath. When we study the location which is Goliadin/Golgotha Jerusalem was a mound which became a hill. Also now known as Calvary Hill. Goliath’s head was buried by David in this hill which is also known after the burial as the place of the skull. This is the very same place where JESUS CHRIST was crucified as CHRIST JESUS destroyed a greater Goliath. The enemy of our souls. Refer to Gen. 3:15. The final act that Pilate authorized with the orchestration of GOD is that he had the scribes to write and place a plaque above the head of JESUS which read, “JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS.” This was written in the common languages of the time to be read in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Though the chief priest became furious with what was written Pilate refused to have it changed per the request of the chief priest. After all, without many realizing it to be true, it is. After JESUS was crucified the soldiers fulfilled what was written in Ps. 22:18 they divided HIS garments into fours and took a piece but HIS tunic which is the undergarment did not have any seams which were proof of HIS wealth and they gambled for the tunic of CHRIST.

Though JESUS CHRIST suffered greatly HE did so because of the love that HE has for HIS creation mankind. Though HE was captured and delivered it could not have been done if it not been time for this to take place. When we read the scriptures we see that when they had tried to kill HIM before that HE walked right in the midst of them. Everything about that night from HIS going with HIS captures from the garden to the Praetorium was accomplished with illegal hands. The crucifixion of JESUS also differed from the rest because unlike those before HIM, with HIM and after HIM, JESUS laid willingly HIMself down on the cross to be nailed in HIS hands and feet. The Son of Man is going to HIS death according to GOD’s plan. JESUS was not put to death HE willingly died by giving up HIS Spirit which is the Holy Spirit that now lives in every believer. CHRIST JESUS arose from the dead in victory and this is how we know that death no longer has victory over those who belong to CHRIST JESUS. It was not possible for death to hold JESUS down neither is it possible for death to hold us down as well.

Mark 15:13; Matthew 27:22; Luke 23:33, Jhn. 19:17-24; Acts 2:23-24


[Ref. from Jhn] Mrk. 15:21-22, Num. 15:36, [Ref. from acts] Lk.22:22, Acts 5:30]

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