This is what all people do who are neglecting or refuse to obey to do what is right. It begins with being unmanageable as children by being disobedient to our parents from there it only escalates. Omitting to do what is commanded by the laws of this world by being obstinate in opposition not observant of duty or rules prescribed by authority; as well as citizens we are disobedient to the laws of the land. Doing what is prohibited; perverse in opposition such as illicit sexual misconduct, the abuse of all medications, alcohol, and tobacco used unnecessarily which contribute to the shortening of life, by sooner rendering peculiar parts of the system disobedient to the natural stimuli of the brain.

Why are all people prone to disobey? The answer is the sin nature that we are born with due to Adams action of disobedience. We are born guilty, a sinner from the moment our mothers conceive us, Ps. 51:5. It is true that we can’t help ourselves with this problem of being disobedient however, it does not give us a continual pass to remain this way. It is true that the church is guilty of constantly telling sinners that they are disobedient as if sinners are not aware that they mess up consistently. Sinners do not need to be reminded and made to feel hopeless and guilty of these facts. The church raises the bar so high that many feel as though they will never be good enough to obtain a relationship with GOD. The church will preach watered down versions of the Bible or beat people up with the law of Moses which is no longer applicable to its rituals and observances. What the church must do is tell people inside the building and outside the building who JESUS is and what HE wants for people, what HE did for people and who we can be and are in CHRIST JESUS.

As the body of CHRIST JESUS, it is our duty to reveal JESUS to all people the disobedient and the obedient. Truth be told none of us are completely obedient to the Word of GOD. Our heavenly FATHER and Creator of all stretch out HIS hand all day to disobedient and contrary people. All we need do is reach up and touch HIM with our faith and receive JESUS as our Savior so that HE will teach us through HIS Holy Spirit in order for us to mature to the point that HE is LORD in our lives.

Romans 10:21


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