Do Not Allow The Joke To Be On You

Galatians 6:7

To every non-believer of CHRIST JESUS, do not be the joke of satan when you die. It is not enough for you to claim yourself to be Christian and yet you think evil and wicked thoughts. Your character and integrity are not a reflection of who JESUS is as the Man who guided, instructed, and taught the world how we are to live in HIM.

Ninety-five percent of the people that I choose to communicate with and ask are they Christian will tell me that they are because they belong to a certain local church or that their mother or grandmother is a member of a certain local assembly and may have an active role in ministry. Or I will get the yes answer from them, and they have no clue as to what it means to be a Christian. They live their lives as though there are no consequences to the choices that they are making. All the while never realizing that they are doing the bidding of satan.

When we give the statement that GOD knows my heart it is a cop-out, it is an excuse for us to continue doing those things that we want to do, not expecting to be punished for our actions. When we say GOD is not through with me yet. That too is our way of pausing our life in CHRIST JESUS to live our life for self and unwarily for satan.

To be a genuine CHRISTian in CHRIST JESUS every single person will first have to hear the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Secondly, every single person will have to make an open confession from the mouth out of the abundance of the heart that you now believe that JESUS is The CHRIST/MESSIAH and that JESUS is The SON of the Living GOD, that JESUS died for you, that JESUS rose from the dead for you, and that JESUS ascended back to heaven to sit at the right hand of HIS FATHER. This is where it begins there is no other way, there is no shortcut.

No person can believe that there are various ways into heaven or to GOD because there are not. No person can ever get themselves right without JESUS. No person can stop doing evil, can stop sinning, can stop being wicked without JESUS. If you believe that what I am expressing to you is a lie, is bologna, or religious rhetoric, you have the right to your opinions.

First, allow me to share with you that I do not believe in religion. Religion apart from CHRIST JESUS is all things, man. This is why I am not religious but rather I have an intimate relationship with CHRIST JESUS. This is what the genuine CHRISTian has apart from the Christian who does not live for CHRIST. Secondly, I and every genuine CHRISTian know that we are free from the laws of man from the Mosaic laws to current laws of religion that those in leadership want those that follow them to follow but do not live by them themselves.

Religion that is apart from CHRIST JESUS and manly laws is depressing and oppressive. I have not found one Christian that is indoctrinated by religion and laws who is free and living in the joy of CHRIST JESUS.

What laws must we obey? Once we have received a heart transplant from JESUS we will easily be able to obey the Ten Commandments/moral commands, we will not need to memorize them because they are already written within our hearts. We will easily be able to love the unlovable be they saint/the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS or not. I am a realist, so I understand that while we are still maturing in the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS that we will socialize with brothers and sisters that clash against our personalities. When this happens, we need to run to our FATHER and ask HIM to show us or better yet remove what bugs us about our brother and sister from our heart so that we can love them as JESUS loves us. Sinners are supposed to bug us but we win them with love, not condemnation.

We are the apple of GOD’s eye not everyone else’s.

Wow, I wrote all of that just to get to this point. Every thought, everything that we speak, and all of our actions will never mock GOD. The Almighty GOD will never be fooled or made a fool of. Every human on the other hand is playing the fool believing that you will not face the consequences of them all. True we are forgiven but there is still a consequence for being disobedient. I should know, I have had to face some difficult consequences for bad to horrible choices that I have made during my life. But quite honestly, I will rather face earthen consequences over eternal consequences. Everything that we planted by sheer will of being disobedient to the commandments and law of GOD will be harvested eventually. When it comes time to reap the harvest of our thoughts, words, and actions you better know the Word of GOD, you better know to run to HIM for safekeeping, for refuge, for peace. Turning to anyone else is a temporary fix maybe. And turning to other things is a temporary crutch.

FATHER, I just want to thank YOU for YOUR promise to never leave or abandon me. When I am at my weakest YOU are there. I cling to YOUR strength, I run under YOUR refuge for safekeeping. I trust that you will fill the cracks of my breaking heart. I trust YOU to hold me in YOUR arms, YOUR hand, sit me on YOUR lap, cradle me until it is time for me to stand on my feet again. YOU are not only a healer of sickness YOU are a healer of hearts that break because of what we must endure for a short time through people. I thank YOU, FATHER, because as long as I have breath in my lungs I will learn from YOU in JESUS’ name.


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