Don’t worry

Matthew 6:25-34; 1 Peter 5:7

My life was plagued by fear for many years. It began as a child and followed me through until I was well within my forty’s. Fear is not a friend but our enemy. The spirit of fear began to destroy my life because it caused me to be afraid of meeting new people. Fear kept me in a mode of always wanting to please others. Fear brought with it anxiety which made me nervous all the time; I developed certain tics; for example talking fast; stammering; biting of the nails or leg shaking. I always wondered how did people perceive me and if they liked me. I found myself always in a state of worry; worried about this or that; things that I never had any control over. The spirit of fear began to take its toll on my life; it caused me to suffer from migraines; develop an ulcer and other health problems. Because I never told people how I really was; the spirit of anger resided in me as well. What great destructive companions they were in my life. Low self-esteem; non-communicative; constantly in pain; worried about not being able to satisfy this person or take care of that issue. Denying myself of happiness and believing that this is just who I am and I will never change and that nothing can be done about it. But this is not the type of life GOD desires for us. GOD desires that we live a life of joy and peace that the Holy Spirit lives within us not fear. Many of us have the Holy Spirit living within us but we are still walking a life of defeat. Remind yourself that you do not have a spirit of fear within yourself. Remind yourself that GOD is your DADDY and that HE has promised to take care of you. Remind yourself that you are an heir according to the promises of GOD. Remind yourself that GOD is a provider and a rewarder to those who diligently seek after HIM. Place your entire being into HIS care; allow HIM to show you that your finances are enough for you to live on; get out of debt; find scriptures regarding debt and finances then stand on those promises and follow what HIS Word informs us to do. Talk to GOD often not only when you are in need but just because you love hanging out with HIM. Developing a relationship with GOD is what HE wants from us. We need HIM so very much; why worry when we belong to GOD. What has control over GOD? What is it that GOD can’t help us with? Would you rather live a long life or a short one? Anxiety, fear and worry subtracts; joy and peace adds to life.

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