Here is a little science lesson as we delve into our topic, earth. It is one of the primary planets, revolving around the sun in an orbit which is between Venus and Mars. It’s nearly 8,000 miles in diameter and 25,000 miles in circumference. Its distance from the sun is approximately 95, millions of miles. No matter how many people may believe that there is life on other planets, this is the only planet that is habitable and the only planet the Creator GOD has spoken life into. Now that the science portion has been dealt with let’s take a small glimpse at what the Word of GOD has to inform us about regarding the earth.

It cracks me up to listen to people inform others about what an animal such as their pet dog or cat is saying to them or to one another. For some unknown reason to me, they truly believe that their pets are communicating with them with the words that they themselves translate. I remember one day visiting someone’s home who I no longer recall and their dog was just a yapping and that person was telling me what the dog was saying. Then had the nerve to ask me to speak back to the dog. I politely asked the pet owner, “What makes you believe that this is what your dog is communicating”? The answer, my dog and I are always speaking to one another because we understand each other. My final reply was, “Well, I believe that your dog is communicating but I don’t believe that your dog is saying those words that you believe the dog is saying. I believe that your dog is praising the LORD as the Word of GOD has instructed everyone that has breath to do.” I received a crazy look and no other response. Another time I was walking and talking and noticed that tree branches are usually stretched out and or upward. I said, “Have you noticed that trees are always lifting up and praising the LORD?” I received a crazy look. Again, I said do you recall the scripture that reads, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD”. Do trees have breath? And I received an uncomfortable yes. So, I continued and said, “Why is it that most of the creation that GOD created will adhere to HIS Word except the ones HE adores the most which are human?” I never received an answer.

I believe that when GOD is ready to judge the earth most of HIS creation will rejoice in song with the exception of mankind, those who refused to believe in JESUS. The earth groans and is in travail against sin because sin is difficult to bear. Not only that but the earth knows that it was created perfectly and good but because sin has inhabited earth all the disasters that are witnessed is occurring. Such as tidal waves, hurricanes, mud and rock slides, quicksand, flooding and other weather disasters that people like to blame GOD for. When in truth these disasters are happening because of the god of this world, satan. However, the time is coming when JESUS will return in all of HIS glory with HIS holy angels, HE will gather together every nation and JESUS will separate those who believe in HIM from those who reject HIM.

The earth belongs to the LORD and all that is within because earth and everything on earth was created by HIM for HIM.

The LORD has told HIS creation that HIS throne is in heaven and that HE rest HIS feet on the earth. Earth was not created for GOD to dwell in as we do as a matter of fact earth is far too small to contain GOD. We learn that heaven is too small to contain HIM, this is why it is necessary that HE lives in the heart of mankind.

Most everyone when they pray the instructions believing that this is the LORD’s prayer, do not realize that the earth that is spoken of here actually pertains to our flesh. We are earthen vessels and we should desire that the will of GOD be accomplished within us as it is in heaven. Sidebar, the LORD’s Prayer is actually found in John 17.

The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS do not have any darkness, sin or imperfection within them and because of this, earth as we know it will be destroyed by GOD. GOD will create a new earth because this earth will pass away along with sin.

1 Chronicles 16:33, Mt. 25:31-32, Psalms 24:1, 1 Cor. 10:26, 28, Isaiah 66:1, 1 Ki. 8:27, Matthew 6:10, Revelation 21:1



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