In the most common term of the word enter, we know it to mean to come or to go into. But what if we took the limitations off and stretched out yet to remain true to the definition of the word. Many of us never consider that when we speak or write that we are entering into either a conversation or setting in account our thoughts, debts, and credits. When it comes to giving the FATHER thanks and worshipping HIM we should be flowing as water. We should be accustomed to piercing our atmosphere either orally or keeping an account in a ledger the sacrifice of praise with thankfulness and worshipping our LORD. Some people also find it easier to do so by singing songs of adoration to the FATHER and JESUS. No matter how we choose to enter into being thankful and worshipping the FATHER and JESUS, never let a day go by without acknowledging the glory that is due HIM.

We should never approach the gates or enter into those gates without our heart being filled with thanksgiving. We have so very much to be thankful for because our thanks are not based on what we can see but what we can’t see. Our thanks are based on the knowledge of knowing our FATHER’s mercy and HIS love towards us. Our thanks are based on the knowledge of knowing that without JESUS we would remain lost and dead and that our end would be the lake of fire for eternal punishment. To recognize as we mature in the character and integrity of CHRIST JESUS that we are worse than the Apostle Paul claimed to be in his self- proclamation of being a chief sinner. And then after we have entered in the spirit of thanksgiving now we can continue into the courts because being thankful automatically leads us into worship. We are to offer the FATHER and JESUS praise upon entering HIS courtyard. Yesterday our brothers and sisters offered burnt offerings to the FATHER with the killing of animals. Today we don’t have to kill animals but it does not mean that we do not offer the FATHER a sacrifice which is due to HIM. Our sacrifice comes from our mouth or from writing to HIM in a ledger/journal. For us, it is a sacrifice to set aside time and concentrate on the goodness of the FATHER and JESUS. GOD knows that it is not natural to us to speak to what we do not see. Yet, it should not matter to us because the invisible by sight GOD is very present and visible in our life. We need to discontinue our sense of amnesia and only provide thanks in the moment of being satisfied when knowing that HE is rescuing or helping us through something. Call on the name of the LORD daily and often with adoration thinking of who HE is and HIS goodness about HIS grace and love and most important that we are forgiven. Call on the LORD not wanting something from HIM because most times than not when we do call on HIM it’s because we want something from HIM. But call on HIM to give HIM thanks and to tell HIM that you love HIM. Spend a minimum of five minutes a day creating a habit of doing this and before long we will find ourselves lost in the knowledge of GOD’s goodness in our giving thanks to HIM. This will lead us like flowing water in our ability to praise the LORD.

JESUS HIMself used HIS most precious sinless blood when HE entered into the Most Holy Place which is the Holy of Holies of heaven into the presence of GOD. Because JESUS did this HE obtained for us with security our redemption eternally this is our salvation and we take hold of this personally through our faith in JESUS as our Savior. With JESUS one time perfect act we are set free and our ordeal are complete and finished. Never having to be repeated. In CHRIST JESUS alone we have in our possession our deliverance and salvation because the blood of JESUS paid the total penalty of our sin. In HIS blood we are forgiven and we are pardoned for our sin and HIS blood made this complete for us because HE is rich in grace. We must see ourselves in union with CHRIST JESUS and once we see ourselves in union with HIM we will know just how free we are. What was a repetition by the former because it could not remove sin and kept us in a conscious state of sin was finished in one day through JESUS. JESUS is the only One able to remove sin from humankind and HE did so successfully and completely, it’s finished. What we need to do is believe that our wickedness and guilt was taken by JESUS from us even the world. Oh, how is it possible that we don’t feel or find it necessary to offer up a sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise to the LORD daily and often? It is finished in JESUS our transgression against HIM, our sins have been washed away to cause us to become delivered and whole in HIM, we have been presented back to the FATHER where HE no longer looks at us with anger and judgment but sees the blood of HIS son on and flowing through us. We are eternally righteous, we have a right standing with the FATHER. JESUS sealed all prophecy and prophet within HIMself and HE is and has anointed the Most Holy Place.

Hopefully, now we see with clearer vision why we need to enter with thanksgiving and praise whose very name is blessed.

Psalms 100:4, 66:13, 116:17-19, Hebrews 9:12, Eph. 1:7, Zech. 3:9, Dan. 9:24


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