Look at your environment. What appears to be established? What have you, yourself established? Is it an easy thing to be established? Most likely you are already over thinking those questions because you may not know what it takes to establish not only yourself but anything for that matter. All it takes is a made up mind to set and fix firmly. Men and women desire to marry but they never desire to establish to permanently remain together in marriage because the cost is most often not counted. We often see the word established engraved on buildings alongside the year a company began. However, think about your life for a moment you have some establishments some are positive and some are negative. What I will like to encourage you to do is give all your negative establishments to JESUS because HE wants them you don’t need them. Besides they are weighing you down. Some of those establishments are secret, some of them cause you shame, some of them are addictive, some of them cause you sadness or anger and some of them cause you not to be able to bring them around people you know will have a problem with your establishment. Any establishment that keeps you in the dark is not an establishment JESUS who is LIGHT want us to partake in.

Take a look at your hand, JESUS is nearer to you than your very hand. Listen to your breath, JESUS is closer to you than your very breath. Will you establish your heart toward JESUS? JESUS is coming back.

James 5:8


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