Exalt Pt. 9

Allow the children to come to JESUS

Isaiah 2:11, 17; 5:16; 12:4; 25:1; 33:5, 10; 52:13

For centuries people have been exalting pride and with every year the spirit of pride is being exalted as never before. Pride is not a way of life that humans are to grab ahold of. Pride exalts itself and pushes people to think, say, and do whatever they have a mindset to do, speak, and think. Pride is a spirit but not just any spirit it is demonic, that is right pride comes directly from satan, [Is. 14:12-15]. Pride did not originate in the civil rights movement with black people and the song of James Brown “I am Black and I am Proud”. No, the spirit of pride exhibited itself on earth in the Garden of Eden when satan tempted Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit and sin took over. Let us bounce around some and take notice of how the spirit of pride manifests itself in slave ownership believing that humans have a right to own humans. Humans coming together to form groups of people with like hearts and minds to kill people just because of the color of their skin, or religious belief. Humans forming groups to express their pride in their skin tones or sexual orientations. And many other groups are being directed out of the spirit of pride but I hope that I just hit the hot buttons. Look at some of the characteristics that come from pride.

Cheaters, contemptible, disagreeable, disorderly, irregular, liars, non-accountable or responsible for their actions and words, overbearing, rude, self-elevation and gratification over others, thieves, and unreasonable. In the characteristic of pride, people believe they are justified for how they feel and what they do to others.

 Moab in Jer. 48:29, pride is described as being exceeding, lofty [elevated], arrogant and haughty [disdainful] of heart. And in other selected verses of scripture throughout the Bible, it is showing us that the spirit of pride keeps mankind with an evil heart. The spirit of pride embraces the heart and soul in its chains and clothes people with violence. The spirit of pride brings contention and goes before destruction. But know this my beloved anyone who has the spirit of pride operating within them will be made humbled and made to bow low in shame before the LORD JESUS. JESUS will be exalted willingly by people or by force.

JESUS is The LORD and HE is All-Powerful, HE is is the All-Mighty of Heavens Armies of angels and HE will be exalted, HIS justice is fair, HE is the HOLY GOD who shows HIMself Holy/Righteous.

Oh, my beloved know that the time is approaching when all of GOD’s people will with one voice proclaim, “Give thanks to the LORD, praise HIS Holy name, worship HIM and tell others what HE has done and how great HE is, announce that HE alone is to be exalted”.

Is. 25:1 is something that we should sing, speak, or pray “LORD, YOU are my GOD. I exalt YOU and praise YOU because YOU have done amazing [wonderful] things. YOU have done what YOU planned long ago, YOU have always done what YOU said YOU would do [YOU are faithful and trustworthy]. This is a scripture we need to go back to often to remind ourselves of GOD’s faithfulness to us though we are not faithful to HIM.

I wonder if many of us sit back sometimes and wonder just how great the LORD GOD JESUS is? Do we understand that HE is the Ruler over everything? HE not only fills Jerusalem with HIS integrity and justice but right where we live as well. We are not left out. If there was only one Born Again Christian [Blood washed] in America and everyone else is heathen, America is still filled with the integrity and justice of GOD. Look at Jerusalem’s history and reflect on your history. Notice how GOD remained faithful to Jerusalem and HE will remain faithful to us as well. Learn from their past mistakes and do better in CHRIST JESUS with the Holy Spirit as our helper. The FATHER said “Now I will rise and show MY greatness and HE did so through JESUS and HE does so through JESUS. JESUS is important to me and many others like me and we know to exalt HIM in everything.

No matter how much we have suffered, are suffering, and will suffer [trials and tribulations/stress] no person has ever, is, or will ever suffer more than The Savior JESUS. JESUS is the perfect servant of the FATHER who succeeded in wisdom and HE is the ONE that people are to exalt. I am reminding people that JESUS suffered as we suffer and yet HE never once sinned out of HIS humanity. JESUS kept HIS humanity under submission when HE needed to for HIM to obey the will of the FATHER. This is an encouragement to us because for us to put our humanity under submission is a process of faith in CHRIST JESUS. But we can do this with help from the Holy Spirit.


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