Faith in CHRIST JESUS directs our lives

Romans 3-22 Righteousness By Faith In Jesus Christ red

Non-believers do not realize that sin is extremely weighty. The mission of sin is to hold and keep us held down, to keep us inmates as prisoners in sin and not allow us to see because of the darkness and to not allow us to hear the truth. But daily many people do hear the truth of CHRIST JESUS and will begin to see a small glimmer of light where they can climb up out of the pit where we all have been kept.

Sin is the none belief in CHRIST JESUS, sin is to deny HIM. Sins which are our actions, our thinking and what we say are the result of sin. As a sinner, we all have no problem being loyal to sin because this is all we know. That is until we come to know the truth of CHRIST JESUS. It is then our life transform from sinner to saint. And it is from that point that we begin to truly live because we have decided to live in the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS.

As we grow from newborn CHRISTian to toddler we stumble and fall many times but this does not negate the fact that we are the beloved of the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. This does not mean that because we are still committing sins that we have negated our being saved in CHRIST JESUS. It will be our study of the Word of GOD that will continue to transform our lives from toddler CHRISTian to youth in CHRIST JESUS and it is the knowledge of how humans mature in the natural that will help us to understand where we should be in our maturity in the Word of GOD. We may be a little behind, a little advance or right on time as we are in the natural. We should never look at others and think that our brothers and sisters are more faithful than we are because unless we spend quality time with them we will see that they are just as human as we are and that they too will never get to a place of great maturity where they no longer need CHRIST JESUS. So we must mature in the Word of GOD going from youth to adolescent/teen to adult.

Each day we must make the choice not to sin but to trust in CHRIST JESUS. I encourage you to make the decision to turn your back and walk away from sins that we love so very much that is in our control to take control over. And, for those sins that we need deliverance from go to the FATHER with HIS Word in hand because it is your desire to be finally free of that sin that is the weightiest, the one that you may have tried to get away from time and time again only to return and begin to feel ashamed and or guilty because you cannot seem to shake that sin that has control of you rather than you controlling it.

Hebrews 12:1 Know that sin is the lack of trust in who CHRIST JESUS was and is. Those of us who truly believe in HIM have taken off that unnecessary weight because it is that weight that so easily causes us not to move forward in HIM. That weight of sin will lie to us and make us believe that we truly believe in CHRIST JESUS when in actuality we do not by our very lifestyle without HIM. This is called religiosity versus relationship in CHRIST JESUS and religiosity keeps us distracted from knowing and hearing the truth and causes us to remain in perpetual slowness of growth.

Col. 3:8 These are the sins that we can take off but if we find that it is a difficult task then maybe we will need to go to the FATHER and ask HIM to take away that which we are struggling with because it just may be that we have an evil spirit living within us and it must be replaced with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The sins that we must work out from us through faith in HIS Word are as follows:

  1. Anger, if you have a short fuse then it is up to you to search out the scriptures regarding anger and study about the effects anger is having on you. Remain with that until the anger is under your control not the other way round. There actually is a right time to become angry but in being angry we should not sin. But even if we do sin due to anger we should humble ourselves and apologize quickly to the person or people who came under the fire of our anger. This is not to say that our reason for becoming angry is not justifiable, however, if our anger becomes out of control than we have crossed over into sin.
  2. It all depends on which type of passion we have, passion in and of itself is not the problem. However, if we are susceptible to external impressions; violence to harm people, sexual thoughts about people who are not our spouses which leads to sexual excitement, or the agitation of the mind which keeps us prisoners to phobias such as fear, anxiety, grief, hatred and such. Good passions are those that CHRIST JESUS exhibits such as compassion and empathy, hope, joy, love, and such. We must retrain the manner in which we speak to one another take off that desire to speak with disgusting, filthy, foul and offensive language. And, a true test about being in a relationship with CHRIST JESUS rather than being religious is that we love at all times and hatred towards others is never considered.

Hebrews 12:1 We all are in a spiritual race, not one that is competitive mind you but one that provides us with rewards none the less for our obedience and patience and though there will be times when we will just want to give up, do not. Know that we are not alone, we all are striving for perfection while living here on earth.

 1 Cor. 9:24-27 So, how do we run our spiritual race? Much like we run our natural race with by first taking part and having a goal to win. All athletes participate in working out in the gym or in their community neighborhood exercising outdoors. Those that have made it up in their minds to get focused and train properly submit themselves under the discipline required to achieve their goals. If they are training to participate in a contest only the winner will receive a crown, blue-ribbon or gold medal. These things can become lost, stolen or put away and forgotten. However, the prize that we focus on and the discipline we endure will provide all of us who will be winners if we endure to the very end we will receive an eternal prize that will last forever, which will never tarnish, become lost, stolen or packed away and forgotten.

Heb. 10:39 We are not people who turn back and remain lost. No, we are people of faith in CHRIST JESUS who trust in HIM and we are forever saved because we believe in HIS finished works on the cross.

Hebrews 12:1 Keep your patience and endurance at all times, remain steady (cool-headed), and persistent never giving up.

Rom. 12:12 When our heart is filled with devotion in CHRIST JESUS it is possible to remain hopeful, joyful, and patient in times of trouble, develop a steady prayer life throughout the day and no this does not mean that we must drop to our knees and speak in an audible voice where others will hear us. We can continue to live our lives as we do and pray often to the FATHER either silently or just loud enough that only you can hear the words that you are muttering.

Heb. 10:36 We must remain patient so that we may do the will of GOD as we receive the promises from HIM.

Hebrews 12:2 Turn your eyes away from anything and everything that distracts you and keep your eyes on CHRIST JESUS who is the Author/originator of our faith. Not only is CHRIST JESUS the Author of our faith but HE also is the Finisher/perfecter, HE is the One who makes perfect our faith, we do not have to work to obtain faith in HIM all we need do is trust in HIM. Some of you may be wondering how do we keep our eyes on JESUS when we cannot see HIM? Simple, focus on HIM through HIS Word because HE is our source and our goal. JESUS CHRIST did something that none of us could have accomplished successfully and that is HE endured the shame and humiliation just for you. We all must take what JESUS CHRIST did personally, the unjust trial, the beating, the name-calling, being led as HE carried HIS own cross naked.

Ps. 69:7, 19 It was for our sake that JESUS CHRIST was disgraced, dishonored, insulted, humiliated and put to shame.

Phil. 2:8 JESUS CHRIST humbled HIMself and walked the very difficult path of obedience as he made HIS way with HIS cross to HIS death.

If we could successfully imagine JESUS going through all of what HE went through for us will we readily trust in HIM? None of us can or could go through what JESUS went through for each and every one of us. I know this to be true because we fail with what we do have to go through. Think about that.

Heb. 2:9 As humans we are made just a little lower than the angels and CHRIST JESUS took on humanity so that HE could endure every single aspect that we as humans suffer through without having sin within HIMself. It was only in the grace of GOD that JESUS not only died for everyone but HE rose from the dead for everyone as well. CHRIST JESUS now wears HIS crown with glory and honor because HE suffered and died for you.

Ps. 110:1 The FATHER said to the SON, “sit here at MY right side until I put Your enemies under Your feet.”

Hebrews 12:3 Just think about how JESUS endured every opposition towards HIMself from sinners (sinful people) just so that we will not grow tired and give up.

Prov. 3:11-12 You know I myself cannot explain successfully how the LORD will correct us. What I can successfully acknowledge is that HE does so and when HE corrects us we know that we have been corrected by HIM. And immediately after we go through that we instantly lose our desire to continue in the rebellion of disobedience in whatever area HE deals with us in. And you know what we are not heartbroken, we do not sulk about it but we are rather thankful. When our earthly parents correct us we sulk, remain rebellious and murmur and complain about the whole thing. Our heavenly FATHER demonstrates HIS love for us through correcting us when we have remained in an area of rebellion far too long. And, actually, our earthly parents demonstrate their love towards us in like manner, if our mother and father did not love us they would not properly chastise us.

Heb. 12:5  “MY child, pay attention when the LORD corrects you, and do not be discouraged when HE rebukes you.

Matt. 10:24 I realize that it is an epidemic that pupils/and children believe that they know more than their parents, teachers and or mentors but in actuality, they do not. I have been saved as of this writing for 40+ years and I am still learning from CHRIST JESUS. It is a good thing when we adopt to have s teachable spirit, those that are unwilling to learn daily are doomed to fail miserably. My grandmother taught me as a child that education is key, there are many things that may be taken from me or lost along the way but the one thing that I will take to the grave with me will be my education. So far she has been proven correct because I have lost so many treasurable memorabilia that cannot be replaced over the years, yet, I still have my education and I continue to build on it and I continue to learn from the Holy Spirit first and foremost.

Gal. 6:9 So, continue to do well and do not give up no matter what. The time will come when everything that we have planted will produce a great harvest.


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