Faith – Psalms 89:2


For I have said, “Mercy shall be built up forever; YOUR faithfulness YOU shall establish in the very heavens.”


King David proclaims the mercy of the Living GOD; he knew that the mercy of the LORD GOD is from everlasting to everlasting. The King has also acknowledged that the LORD GOD established faith in the heavens. Today when we pray the blue print prayer that JESUS taught us to pray “The LORD’s prayer” when we say from our hearts “YOUR will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. We are calling on what is already in heaven to come to earth and be. The LORD GOD is a faithful GOD and HE wants HIS children to think, see, speak and move in faith. For we walk by faith not by sight. So many of the children of GOD still go by their feelings and what it is they can see. But when we are dealing with our Living GOD feelings and sight have no part in faith. Our feelings or emotions are fickle and we can’t trust them. Have you ever felt one way at this moment and in the next moment you feel another way? The LORD GOD has already given us a transformation of how we are to think; HE has already shared with us were our vision should be; JESUS has told us how we are to speak and what we must do. All of this has to have faith in operation. Let me give an example: You live in a neighborhood where crime is high; coming out your home is a risk; heck staying in your home is a risk. Yet, you are being protected day in day out. Crime has never visited you and it’s not because you are well liked or because you are well known. It’s because of your faith in what your faithful GOD is doing; HE has dispatched your assigned angels to cover you from the hand of the enemy. You can go to your place of employment or to school without worrying about your home being invaded; your family can leave and return without the fear that you may get an emergency phone call because a stray bullet has found a target on your family. You can even own a nice automobile and the petrol will not be withdrawn nor will any damage be done. This is faith in operation; to live in peace in a war torn environment surrounded by darkness yet you are all lit up with the presence of your Holy FATHER showing up on your outward parts because HE resides on your inward parts. It takes a faithful GOD to know what decisions you will make pertaining to HIS beloved and begotten SON; yet, HE continues to send people to the sinner; giving them the chance to accept JESUS as there Savior. Faith is not far from anyone; from our very existence faith is in operation. The expectant mother prepares for the birth of her child not thinking or expecting anything that is contrary to the birth of her baby. She is not looking to see if she will carry the child to its full term nor is she hoping that the baby will be born with all its limbs and digits; everything in working order as it should be. By faith; she knows that she will have a living birth and everything will be as the Creator GOD designed for the child to be. The scripture says “faith without works is dead.” So what does the expectant mother do; she eats well; gets plenty of rest; love on the child before he/she is born. She does all she can to assist in the preparation of her baby’s arrival. Now let’s take a different twist; the baby by faith accepts that his/her name is what he/she is being called; by faith that baby believes that the woman and man who is caring for him/her is his biological parents. By faith that baby believes that he/she is all that he/she is being told that he/she is. Do you see the operation of faith now? So now we see that we all have been given a measure of faith; but it’s up to each of us to build on that faith. It’s up to each of us to work our faith. So today, I invite you to work your faith in JESUS; walk by faith in whom the LORD GOD said that we are and can do through HIS beloved begotten SON.


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