Faith Series XVIII-Circumcision by Faith vs through Faith


AMFBeM Newsletter

June 26, 2020

Romans 3:30, 4:9, 11-14

Circumcision by Faith -vs- through Faith

By faith, the covenant with GOD was that every male was to be circumcised/have his foreskin cut off and removed, Gen. 17:10-13. That was good for that time but it is not required now to circumcise males to retain the agreement/covenant between GOD and Abraham. Circumcision is still very much a requirement but it is no longer done to males only, after all, this act did not keep those who were circumcised from sinning as sin became more and more rampant as the generations go by. Remember the rebellion of the Israelites during their exodus from Egypt to the promised land and throughout today even. If you are apart of some religious denomination where circumcision is a requirement know this, that only when you obey the entire commandments will your being circumcised have true meaning. When those who are circumcised break the commandments it is as if you were never circumcised. Anyone who is not apart of a denomination where circumcision is a requirement yet they do as the commandments command, they are the circumcised. The only possible way to do as the commandments command is to love your brothers, sisters, and neighbors as you do yourself because by doing this we reveal that CHRIST JESUS has circumcised our heart and without even thinking about the commandments they are being fulfilled. GOD cares less about what denomination we belong to and the rituals performed because when the heart is circumcised by JESUS we all instantly become Jewish, Rom 2:28-29. Note: To anyone who is trying to keep the law of Moses yet you are not obedient to them all, meaning you miss just one, you will be guilty of breaking all six hundred and thirteen, Jms. 2:10. There is only One GOD and HE alone justifies those who have had their penis circumcised by faith rather than through faith. The law is not bad or obsolete because we have chosen to live through faith rather than by faith. Actually, because of choosing to live through faith we are being and doing just as the law intended.

Circumcision of the penis has nothing at all to do with righteousness in the sight of GOD. Abraham was not righteous after he was circumcised he was righteous all along. The circumcision was only a blood covenant between he and GOD. Just as CHRIST JESUS made a blood covenant between HE and us when HE died on that cross and rose from the dead. Actually, what makes us right with GOD is righteousness through faith. Abraham is actually a great demonstrator of faith in GOD. There was no commandment/law and Abraham lied to save his own skin, yet, because of his faith in GOD, GOD blessed him and his family. Rahab who was a prostitute lied when she hid the spies sent to her from Joshua. She was under no commandment or law yet, she chose to have faith in the GOD that the Israelites know and it was accounted to her being righteous and she never sold herself or anyone else again. From her faith in GOD, she became righteous and was blessed. Moses who killed, and became angry which caused him to disobey GOD was still considered righteous because of his faith in GOD. And I am almost certain that most of us have lied and wilfully sinned and yet, because of our faith in CHRIST JESUS we are still viewed by GOD as his righteous children through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. I am not telling anyone that we should sin as we did before our faith in CHRIST JESUS began but what I am trying to share with you is that faith in CHRIST makes all the difference even when we mess up as our ancestors have done and as we do. We will not be counted out. Our heart is circumcised. For whatever reason, we may find ourselves sinning due to fear or just because we want to do what it is that we want to do, know this never stop having faith in CHRIST JESUS, pick yourself up from the ground where you have fallen and keep moving forward. The sign of circumcision for Abraham and all those that were circumcised since during the time when circumcision of the penis was a requirement is was actually a seal much like a signet ring which is a seal/monogram which identifies you to others or a family crest that has an identifying emblem. Once we come to the FATHER through faith in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS we receive the seal of the righteousness which identifies us as belonging to GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

Cease placing prominence on what denomination you belong with and what rituals you must perform to be viewed righteous in the sight of man. It is all hogwash and carries no weight with GOD. Receive the correct and proper seal which can only be received through faith and not by faith and that is believing in, relying on, and trusting in CHRIST JESUS who is our Mohel [pronounced mo-h-el] who during our spiritual bris gives to us the seal of circumcision into the New Covenant.


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