Forgiveness and Kindness

Ephesians 4:31-32

It amazes even me how we are more apt to forgive other before we forgive ourselves. There are things that had been done to me by others that I forgave and the things that I had done; I never addressed. Without forgiving yourself we set ourselves up for inner torture. It takes root within us and buds then blooms into ugliness that we can’t explain. It is just as important to forgive ourselves as it is to forgive others of the wrong that has been done and said. Sometimes our enemy is the inner me. Taking a hard look within and dealing head on with issues that we have in our lives is not easy because for most of us; we don’t know where to begin. My suggestion is to start with that inner quality that you have that is nothing of GOD’s that you don’t like; the one that bugs you the most; the one that has your attention. Address that, this may take some time but believe me; this will be well worth it. Give it to GOD and allow HIM to take it away and destroy it for you; now you are on the road to forgiving yourself and once you learn to forgive yourself; you will be better at forgiving others and more honest about that. You will understand how it’s possible to say and do things to someone who you care for and yet hurt them so much. After all you did it to yourself. When you know how to forgive and have forgotten the pain of an act that you did or someone has done it is easier to be kind. Also you will begin to understand how GOD forgives; how HE removes the sin from HIS memory never to remember ever again. Unfortunately for most of us we don’t forget what we or others have done but as I stated before we forget the pain. For me, I’m glad that I remember the struggles I went through in my life but I no longer have the pain associated with it. If I did not remember the act of what I did and what others did to me; I would not be able to share any of my testimonies with you. Being kind is an outward appearance of love and respect. 

***Note definition to a couple of words found in scripture.

Wrath – indignant, resentful, strong anger.

Clamor – loud verbal dissatisfaction.

Malice – desire to cause harm, injury and suffering to another person.

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