Full / Fullness

Oh to recognize the limits of what we can contain. It’s so evident that we don’t have a clue of what it’s like to be full. The greatest depiction is obesity among people including myself. I don’t attribute obesity to all people to not knowing when to stop eating the not knowing when they are full but the not knowing the complete plenty of satisfaction obtained in reaching the required nutrients and extinguishing the hunger. It’s no different for those who must have the latest gadgets, clothes, shoes, or what-not. However, to be in fullness is to be aware that we are in abundance and we are complete wanting nothing. So how can we get to this place of completeness, satisfaction, and fullness? How do we get and remain full?


  • We are to stay united with JESUS. To bear fruit in JESUS because apart from HIM it is impossible to do so. Apart from JESUS, we will be thrown into the fire. Keeping the commands of JESUS as JESUS kept the command of the FATHER is loving. In this, the joy of JESUS will be made full and complete within us. 
  • Be a person full of faith in CHRIST JESUS as well as filled and led by the Holy Ghost/Spirit. Also known as the Spirit of Wisdom, He will provide us with a good reputation among people, we will have a godly character and moral integrity. 
  • Stop following traditions and philosophy’s, they are empty and deceitful. Those that do have been taken captive and follow pseudo-intellectual babble which is elemental spirits and does not follow the teaching of CHRIST JESUS. In CHRIST JESUS alone is the fullness of deity, the GODhead bodily and HE alone expresses the true essence that GOD is. CHRIST is the Word, JESUS became flesh, JESUS lived with humankind/mankind, humans saw the glory of GOD through JESUS because HE is the begotten of the FATHER and JESUS is full of grace and full of truth. JESUS is unique and free of deception there is none other like HIM nor will there ever be. 

John 15:11, Acts 6:5, 3, Colossians 2:9, Jhn. 1:14


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