Gifts From Our Heavenly FATHER

HIS Light

Luke 11:13 ICB


Who does not enjoy receiving gifts, especially those unexpected ones? The ones that are given for no specific reason at all. We all enjoy receiving gifts, gifts delight us emotionally and gifts can change our countenance.

Did you know that GOD provides HIS children with gifts? You name it HE will give us. Some gifts we can be specific about asking HIM for and other gifts are just given because HE promised them to us. The gifts that are promised to us are rarely thought about in our day-to-day lifestyle. For me, I have received some gifts from my Heavenly FATHER that I did not know anything about until I got them. Other gifts from HIM, I asked for. In both instances, I became elated once I received them.

This blog is to inform you that you too are eligible for receiving gifts from the FATHER or to recognize that you may have already received a gift or some gifts from HIM and were not aware of the fact of who gave the gift to you.

Take a look at our main scripture above. “Even though you are bad, you know how to give good things to your children!”

What does JESUS mean when HE said to HIS disciples about fathers being bad? HE is speaking about the heart of mankind. Without a heart change, [transplant] from that of sin to that of righteousness through the belief in CHRIST JESUS. The heart of mankind is and will remain bad, evil, and wicked. However, though you are still in your sinful nature, you know how to provide good gifts to your children. You know how to put smiles on their darling faces. You know how to bring them joy. Caring fathers who are still sinful in their hearts know how to give good gifts. Know that the Heavenly FATHER will give to HIS children better and greater gifts for the asking.

The greatest gift that the FATHER has given to the world is JESUS The CHRIST. And the greatest gift CHRIST JESUS has given to the children of the FATHER is HIS Holy Spirit. In some instances, asking initially is not enough, we need to ask for the Holy Spirit daily. Let me clarify this, we need to ask for wisdom with understanding from the Holy Spirit daily because we should already have the Holy Spirit living within us. Asking for the Holy Spirit daily is not that He is not within us throughout our lifetime. It is that we are realizing that we need the Holy Spirit to direct us in our daily lives throughout our time here on earth. Without His leading, we may make mistakes that could have been avoided if only we had inquired the Holy Spirit first. And, without the Holy Spirit, we are incapable of obeying the commands given to us.

When we rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us in all that we do He will provide us with His impenetrable light. We will walk in His Wisdom, and He will give to us the understanding to do or to speak that which must be accomplished. If you are in a leadership position at your place of employment, you need to operate under the gift of the Holy Spirit. Leaders need to make decisions that influence those that must follow the direction of their leadership. And it is the same for earthly fathers as well as mothers.

James 1:17 AMPC; the scripture informs us that every good and perfect gift comes from our Heavenly FATHER who is above everything and everyone. HE is in the highest of high, yet HE is not so far away that HE cannot hear us asking for HIS Holy Spirit and when HE gives us HIS Holy Spirit, He gives Him to us in abundance. This gift cost us nothing and yet He provides us with the biggest and fullest gift.

I believe that this is awesome. Realizing that my FATHER who is Light and HE provides HIS children with light, shinning so that we may see our way clear wherever we may go. The Holy Spirit is the light that is shown to direct our footsteps, Ps. 119:105. In GOD our Heavenly FATHER no darkness or shadow can be cast from HIM, 1 John 1:5. HIS character never changes. We can depend on HIM to give us the gifts we need.

In our earthly home [shell, tent, bodies] none of us can behold The Heavenly FATHER because HIS light is just too bright for us to withstand, 1 Tim. 6:16. But spiritually we can approach HIM, spiritually we can stand before HIM, spiritually because our hearts are pure having CHRIST JESUS living within makes it possible for any of us who believe to come boldly and spend quality time with our Heavenly FATHER, Heb. 4:16. To climb up on HIS lap and nestle into HIS chest.

Having a true relationship with The FATHER is the best. Because of HIS LOVE for us, nothing is kept from us that we are to know. JESUS reveals HIMself and HIS Kingdom to us. And HE also reveals what is lurking about in the darkness, because light lives in HIM, Dan 2:22. Showing us the traps set for us when we are not paying attention because we have taken our focus off of HIM. Much like what Peter had done when he jumped out of the boat and walked on the water as he requested of JESUS. But when he took his focus off of JESUS he began to sink and JESUS rescued him from drowning [sinking], Matt 14:29.

When we invite JESUS to live in our hearts and we are filled with HIS Holy Spirit we tend to obey HIS Word. Sure, I know that we do not do this as consistently as we should but as we learn to obey more and more, we will find that we too have the light of JESUS within us. People will recognize that we look differently some will know that it is the light of our FATHER living within us and some will not understand why we look so different. Nonetheless, the light that is within us will cause people to know that when they are in desperate need of help that they can come to us and inquire. They know that we are the genuine article of faith and not among the vast majority of religious zealots or religious nere-do-wells. And why is this? Because we have the Holy Spirit within us, He gives us knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, Dan 5:11.

2 Cor 4:6, GOD once said, “Let the light shine out of the darkness!” And this is the same GOD who made HIS light shine in our hearts. HE gave us light by letting us know the glory of GOD that is in the face of CHRIST.



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