GOD’s goodness – Romans 11:33

God's Goodness

GOD is worthy to be praised; regardless of how long we live in HIM, we may never get to understand HIS thoughts which are higher than our very own.

We get to experience GOD’s riches which are too numerous to name but no matter how much we get from HIM, HE will never be depleted. HE is the possessor of wisdom and knowledge, this is why we should never make any decisions be they great or small without first going to HIM and asking HIM for wisdom and the knowledge which is understanding to do those things that need to be done today. The decisions that GOD has for us sometimes appear unclear to us but instead of not moving forward because what HE informs us to do and how HE informs us to carry out that which HE desires for us to do will be a great benefit for us.

GOD will never lead us astray; HE will never embarrass us, and HE will never tell us to execute something or say something that will not show the naysayers who our GOD is. Trust in HIM fully for all things.

 The decisions that GOD has for us will never be explained by any mortal, again, may I remind you that our thoughts are not as high as HIS. And, our understanding of HIM is limited as long as we reside here on earth. Trust in the ways of GOD, trust in how HE desires for us to be. Know that when we request to have the mind of CHRIST JESUS, that we will not be able to contain the fullness of the mind of CHRIST. Our mortal mind, unfortunately, will still possess thoughts which are worldly, fleshy, and negative. Understand, that the thoughts that we have are those things which still reside within our heart. JESUS would and will never have the thoughts that we have, however, this does not mean that we are still sinners or less righteous.

It is impossible to be a son of GOD and to still be a sinner regardless of some of the actions we may still display. We are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and we must always remember this and stop calling ourselves sinners. Daily, we should be shedding off the old nature, that old man because daily we should be dying to ourselves. The mind of CHRIST is to humble ourselves as HE did and perpetually be in that state of not our will, but HIS will be done. I cannot stress this enough the LORD GOD is abundant in riches, HIS wisdom and knowledge are deep which are never-ending and HIS thoughts are not our thoughts and our ways are not HIS ways.

Is. 55:8


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