GOD’s Word for us

2Timothy 3:16-17

Before I share my testimony I need to share some of the words within this scripture from a dictionary stand point to help the reader of this scripture understand what GOD had done with the writers of the Bible.

1.     Inspiration/inspire: to communicate by a divine, supernatural influence.

2.     Profitable: beneficial.

3.     Doctrine:  policy, position, principal.

4.     Reproof: to prove again.

5.     Correction: remove the errors.

I chose these 5 words from the scripture because I have heard many times how people will twist what GOD has made perfectly plain for HIS children. It’s easy to cause change in the minds of people when we don’t understand the vocabulary that we speak.

When GOD found us in our lost mess; we heard either HIS Word or HIS voice and we surrendered. GOD communicated to our dormant spirit that HE Is divine; HE Is GOD; HE Is supreme; HE Is the creator. Once we accepted HIS SON JESUS as our Saviour we no longer were influenced by the natural but the supernatural. GOD has placed within us HIS supernatural influence. In doing this we benefited from HIS promises; we became heirs to HIS promises. We were always eternal but now instead of going to hell to live out eternity we live eternity with GOD. We are able to speak and do as JESUS did and greater. As we read the Word of GOD to cause the renewing of our minds we build our faith in GOD’s doctrine which is HIS Word. Our faith is then transformed into belief and our belief is transformed into knowing. We study the policy and act on it because the policy instructs us on our course for a victorious life which makes us Overcomers. We take our rightful position in GOD and we speak against the world system; we move against the world system. The economy of the world is financially strained; GOD gives us the ability to get wealth and we lack nothing according to Deut. 8. I’ve had times when literally I had no food in my home yet GOD provided food for each day and I never experienced hunger. The principal for my life is GOD and HIS Word. GOD has proven to me over and over that HIS Word is accurate and true; this is why my faith has been transformed to belief and from belief to knowing. GOD’s Word continues to transform my thinking and I find it in greater operation when I’m driving. When I drive my thoughts are not Godly because of all the idiotic things I witness. Once I realize that my thoughts are not those that would please GOD; I’m corrected to think on things that are lovely; pure; good report. I thank GOD that I saw people walking in the street as if they dare me to hit them and I slowed down to keep from hitting them. I know that they don’t realize that it was GOD who prevented me from hitting them. I know that GOD created the atmosphere to have me pray for them because they are walking in spiritual darkness. GOD’s Word is for you and me in every area of our lives. Every second of everyday of every month of every year; GOD shows how we can move in HIS Word which is for us.  

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