Good works for GOD’s Glory

Matthew 5:16

As believers we should share our lives
with others; after all it is by the words of our testimony that we express our
freedom to live as Overcomers by HIS Blood (Rev.12:11). We must inform others
that they are not alone and that you too experienced what they are now going
through. All too often those who are in the body of CHRIST forget that they
once were an active member in the world of darkness. They forget that GOD came
and got them from that damp; dark and dank place. We pretend that we have
always had it all together; well I’ve got news for you. Even in our faith walk
we still do not have it all together. Our faith walk is new each and every day;
daily we decide to do the will of GOD and not that of our own. We don’t live a
victorious life in JESUS because we are still pretending; wearing a mask
instead of laying it all out on the line so that our brothers and sisters in
CHRIST can pray and encourage us. So if we are this way in the church; how can
we help those who may desire to come to the church for help but choose not to
because they can see the hypocrisy? The Word of GOD is a lamp to our feet; a
light to our path (Ps 119:105). The life which is committed to GOD will give
forth a steady flame of service; kindness; generosity and goodness. Our light
is to shine before others so that GOD will be given the glory.

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