Grace-Psalm 45:1-3

Let’s take a walk in our memory and how we are filled up when we think about our new romantic relationship; our up and coming marriage; our spouse; the birth of our child. When we think of those things we are filled up with happiness; you know that warm and fuzzy feeling that we have each time we think about those things or whatever turns you on that gives you that fuzzy glow. But what about the Living GOD; how do you feel when you think of HIM? When we think of HIM our hearts should be overflowing with what HE has done for us and what HE is doing for us. Our appreciation and love for JESUS should overtake us because our heart is so filled with the knowledge of who HE is and HIS ability toward us. JESUS rocks because it is HE that raises the dead; causes the blind to see and the sick are delivered and healed. It is JESUS who was beaten to the point that HE was not recognized; it was JESUS that stood as people made fun of HIM. It was JESUS who had to stand before the public totally naked; it was JESUS that hung on the cross for a crime that HE did not commit. It was JESUS that died for us and was raised again by the Holy Spirit. It is JESUS who sits on the right hand of The FATHER and prays for us as well as prepares our home in heaven. JESUS has never lied to us and HE has never truly left us; HE sent HIS precious Holy Spirit to comfort us and to give us the ability to do what we can’t do ourselves. Oh to think of the grace that we are given a new day by day; sometimes is too much for me to comprehend. Without the grace of JESUS upon me; I am a failure. So I thank my LORD and my SAVIOR for HIS merciful grace towards me.


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